Is God About to do a Divine Intervention for His Wayward Children?

Is God About to do a Divine Intervention for His Wayward Children?


Kevin Burke, LSW

You’ve probably heard the term “Intervention” in the context of addiction. 

When a family member or friend is struggling with addiction, it can be challenging to get them to admit there is a problem.  So you join forces with others to take action in a formal intervention to help the addict see the light, and get the help they need.   

The Creator of the Universe may be about to do His own universal spiritual intervention with the human family. 

In her book The Warning author Christine Watkins gives an account of private revelations and personal testimonies from the 16th century to the present (many approved by local Church authorities) that predict a coming illumination of conscience

This Divine intervention will be (after the resurrection of Jesus) the most spectacular spiritual event in human history.  It will feature a short period of time when the world will, quite literally, stand still. 

Each person will have an interior experience of seeing the state of their soul in the blinding light of God’s love, justice and mercy.  Sins both small and large will be in clear view; we will be shocked by the wider impact, the ripple effect, of even our smallest sins.

A Catholic Pope, Paul VI, spoke of the Warning:

“The maturity of conscience, most difficult to evaluate today, is the discernment between evil and good. Humanity has performed so many evil deeds that its conscience is now darkened by sin. We will need a terrible warning, and many will refuse to listen…this judgment will be a direct intervention…the sin of the world will be revealed.”[1]

 As some visionaries point out, for some this will be a deeply disturbing, and even fatal experience.  Mystic and stigmatic Janie Garza was given approval by her Bishop to share her messages.

 In 1995 Garza had an apparition of Saint Joseph who shared about the coming illumination:

“For those…that continue to break every commandment given by God…these souls will not be able to see the state of their souls and live.” [2]

Divine Mercy

I asked author Christine Watkins how she thinks the Illumination of Conscience might impact those in abortion healing ministry:

Christine shared:

“We can expect long lines for Confession.  Pamphlets and other resources for healing should be made available to clergy so that people don’t fall into denial or self-reproach, and it may be necessary to quickly form retreats and Bible studies in people’s homes.”

“For the timing of the Warning, no one knows, so simply being aware and somewhat prepared is important. The Illumination of Conscience will cause many women and men to clearly see that their abortion experiences wounded themselves and others. This will come as a complete shock to some.

Keep in mind that many others have had a direct participation in the death of children in the womb beyond the child’s parents.  Grandparents, other family and friends, health care and counseling professionals, and politicians will also be impacted.  

The Warning also features testimonies by those who have experienced a type of foretaste of the warning in their own lives.  These are fascinating and inspirational accounts. 

For those in front-line prolife and healing ministry, Christine’s book is an opportunity to step back from the daily battles and to recognize that God has not abandoned His children. 

God is with us in our present suffering and trials, and if the visions and prophecies in The Warning are accurate, God may be about to unleash a great and merciful intervention to call back his wayward children.

Let us prepare our own heart and soul for this event with fervent daily prayer (for Catholics daily mass, rosary and frequent confession) so when we experience the illumination, we will be purified and transformed by the experience. 

 And from this experience of mercy and grace, we can reach out with love to those who are confused, broken, and fearful, and lead them to the peace and healing of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 

 [Image at opening of article by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay]

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