Self-Hating Revolutionaries – Why Subsidize Our National Suicide?

Self-Hating Revolutionaries – Why Subsidize Our National Suicide?


By Kevin Burke, LSW

What’s driving today’s anarchists and social justice revolutionaries?

Our Universities have served for years as breeding grounds for the toxic brand of ideology that views white people and western civilization as the locus of all injustice and inequality in the world.

This type of social analysis and the power of utopian ideology to seduce youth, is nothing new.  

Understanding what drove an icon of Russia’s communist revolution can help us better respond to today’s radicals. 

 A seminal event in the development of Vladimir Lenin as leader of the Soviet Union occurred many years before the Bolsheviks seized power in October 1917.

Lenin’s father died suddenly in 1886.  It was a traumatic shock to the family. Tsarist Russia at this time was plagued by inept leadership and a system of government that made it challenging for the nation to evolve and adapt in a rapidly changing world.  Radical leaders seduced youth into embracing terrorism and assassination to advance their cause.

Lenin’s older brother Alexander was one such disenchanted, radicalized youth. On May 4, 1887, Alexander and his four companions, all in their twenties, were arrested after an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the Tsar. Despite his mother’s pleas for mercy, on May 8 Alexander and his accomplices were executed.

How did the 17-year-old Vladimir react to the news of his brother’s death?

A close friend said:

“I saw [his] deep grief but also his determination not to show it…”  After the execution of Alexander, Lenin’s family was shunned by the bourgeois middle class of their hometown of Simbirsk.

Author Victor Sebestyen writes how Lenin’s repressed grief, and the family’s painful rejection, metastasized into a seething rage directed at the middle classes:

This triggered the vitriolic, sometimes uncontrollable, loathing for ‘liberals and middle-class do-gooders’ that would henceforth show until his dying day. “The bourgeois… they will always be traitors and cowards,” he declared with monotonous frequency from now onwards…A young boy who rarely thought about politics became radicalized almost overnight. [1]

Self-Hating Revolutionaries

So what about today’s social justice radicals?  What’s driving their self-righteous rage and lust for utopian perfection?

Like Lenin, they are clueless to what drives them.  But there is one factor that may be the most important.

This is a generation of students formed by educators that seduced them into hating their rich religious and political heritage.  They’ve been indoctrinated to reject the foundations of our nation and of western civilization – to basically hate themselves.

 Their heritage has been raped and pillaged.  This a huge loss, and they are pissed-off. 

But tragically, this anger has been twisted and displaced into serving the agenda of neo-Marxist race ideology and the dogmas of “systemic racism.”

Subsidizing Suicide

The radical left-wing of the Democratic Party will prop up, and hide behind the cardboard cut-out that is Joe Biden.  If Biden wins, and Democrats control congress, they will push him aside and unleash their agenda.   It is essential for those of us fighting for the children in the womb, and for the survival of our Republic, that this never happens

This is a necessary, but only temporary solution. 

We need to take back the institutions that are forming the youth of tomorrow.  It is time to look hard at the direct connection between what is taught in our elementary, secondary schools and universities and the attacks upon the foundations of our culture and civilization.   

A university professor of education warns:

“… The most influential educational thinker of the last half century was Paulo Freire. Freire was a Marxist humanist who cited Lenin and Mao as primary influences…Many of our graduate schools of education are dedicated to producing teachers who will transform society and liberate our children from the regressive influences of their parents and communities.”

Breitbart reported in July that President Trump told the U.S. Treasury to review the tax-exempt status of schools and universities that have become vehicles for left-wing indoctrination. 

That’s a good start.

Why should we help subsidize the suicide of our great Republic?

[The following is an original song calling for an Exodus from the slavery and fear of the cancel culture mobs and the neo-Marxists revolutionaries.  Please be aware this is a video for mature teens and adults.]

[Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay]

[1]   Sebestyen, V.   (November 7, 2017).   Lenin: The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror.   Pantheon.


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