Joe Biden, The Trojan Horse of the Radical Left: The Architects of Critical Race Ideology, Riots, and Abortion Extremism, are Poised to Take Full Control our Nation

Joe Biden, The Trojan Horse of the Radical Left: The Architects of Critical Race Ideology, Riots, and Abortion Extremism, are Poised to Take Full Control our Nation


By Kevin Burke, LSW

Odysseus, the hero of the Greek epic The Odyssey, devised a clever scheme to finally take the city of Troy after years of conflict. 

The Greeks appeared to retreat in defeat and sailed to the nearby island of Tenedos.  One of the soldiers, Sinon, stayed behind telling his captors he was abandoned by his fellow soldiers.  He convinced the Trojans it was his rivalry with Odysseus that led to his abandonment.  

Once the Trojans bought his story and trusted Sinon, he seduced them into accepting a gift, a large wooden horse, as an offering to Athena (goddess of war.)  Sinon convinced them this gift would keep them safe, secure and protect them from any future attacks.

Ignoring the warnings of a few of the wiser officials in Troy, the horse was taken inside the city gates.  That night Greek warriors emerged from the Trojan Horse.  They opened the gates to let in the rest of the Greek army who proceeded to sack the city.

Biden the Trojan Horse of the Radical Left

Biden can remind people of their affable, goofy Uncle at Thanksgiving.  He’s harmless, and after a few drinks, mildly entertaining.

Like the citizens of Troy after years of siege warfare, many are weary of the constant battles between the Democrats and Trump; the virus, the riot and the whole 2020 experience. 

Some buy into the continual 4 year propaganda campaign attacking Trump. Others are just sick of the media circus that they think Trump only feeds with his tweets and personal attacks. 

Onto the scene appears the bumbling Biden. 

Prior to the Coronavirus lockdowns and riots no one gave him a chance.  Now after a series of national crises, he is the Democratic Party’s nominee for President.

Biden tells us; “You can trust me to restore order, sanity, and prosperity to a tired and broken nation.  Just put me in the White House and all will be well.”

But Biden is not your harmless Uncle at Thanksgiving.

 A Democrat controlled White House and Congress means a Trojan Horse filled with left wing radicals and abortion extremists will gain entry.  Once inside the gates of power, they will work quickly to gain control of the Biden administration, the federal bureaucracy, and the courts.

Writer and blogger Rod Dreher responds to those that dismiss the threat of Biden Presidency and a Democrat controlled congress.  Dreher in this blog lists the “major threats” posed by the radical left, empowered by a Biden/Harris victory. 

Here’s an excerpt where I highlight some of Dreher’s key points:

  • They will go pedal to the metal on a soft totalitarian “social justice” regime that would punish dissenters by costing them their livelihoods, and ruining their churches and other institutions.  [You can find in depth analysis of this threat, with compelling and important testimonies on Dreher’s Blog.-KB]
  • The major threat is the empowerment of ideologues who believe that all white people are racist, by virtue of their being white, and that the state should intervene to arrange society to suppress those disfavored by the left (whites, non-feminists, religious traditionalists, social conservatives, etc).
  • The major threat is that they wish to erase American history and foundational principles of our constitutional order.
  • The major threat is that the left in power through professional associations (law, medical, and so forth) will make it impossible for dissenters from the social justice credo to earn a living.
  • The major threat is that violent social justice mobs will overrun cities and even suburbs, demanding that everyone assent to their ideology, or be looted or burned out.
  • The major threat is that the left is propagandizing the young to despise their religion, their family, their country, their history, and themselves.

 [Read full article here.  Learn about, and order Dreher’s soon to be released timely and important book, Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents]

Dreher’s blogging, and Tucker Carlson’s insights on the threat of the radical left, inspired this original song and video.

Image by yusuf kazancı from Pixabay 


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