Protecting the Sheep from the Wolves: Joe Biden Approves of an Eight Year Old Girl Identifying as “Transgender”

Protecting the Sheep from the Wolves: Joe Biden Approves of an Eight Year Old Girl Identifying as “Transgender”


By Kevin Burke, LSW

Joe Biden in his town hall on October 15th was not asked about the NY Post expose on the shady business dealings of his son Hunter and his role in that unfolding scandal.   

Biden did however answer a carefully orchestrated propaganda softball tossed from a mother of an eight year old daughter she describes as “transgender.” 

This mother predictably attacks the Trump administration’s modest actions and executive orders to step back from the radical transgender policies of the Obama administration and protect our nation’s children from this dangerous ideology.   

Biden in his rambling response, that included the story of two men kissing, said this:

“I will flat-out just change the law. Eliminate those executive orders, number one.”

He then proceeds to approve of what is, once you understand the broader implications, child abuse.


The idea that an 8-year-old child, a 10-year-old child, decides, you know, I want to be transgender, that’s what I think I’d like to be, it’d make my life a lot easier – there should be zero discrimination”

Biden then goes on to quote the bogus statistics that purport to show an epidemic of violence toward persons who identify as transgender:

…too many transgender women of color are being murdered. They’re being murdered. I mean, I think it’s up to now 17, don’t hold me to that number. But — it’s higher now?

There is a reason for the use of such misinformation in this context.

 It sends a powerful message to educators, medical professionals, and especially parents:

  • Anyone who does not affirm the transgender identification of an eight year old – is encouraging discrimination and violence.

Katie Faust at the Federalist goes into detail on the trans activist’s prescribed path for an eight-year-old who wants to “transition.”

First, for little girls who want to “present” as boys, parents can purchase “little packers” (or crochet their own) to give their elementary-school daughters the appearance of a penis. Boys will likely visit websites offering tutorials on how to “tuck and tape” their actual penises, which can result in complications such as urinary trauma, testicular pain, and testicular torsion.

As they develop, girls will be encouraged to wear chest binders to compress their breasts, which can lead to compressed ribs and collapsed lungs. Strange how Chinese foot-binding and Victorian corsets are deemed regressive, yet “progressives” cheer when kids bind their sexual organs.

While their bodies are being shaped externally by prosthetics, tape, and binders, doctors will go to work altering trans kids’ bodies internally through puberty blockers. Puberty, a sign of healthy human development, is the great enemy of the trans movement.

Faust goes on further to reveal the abusive, destructive agenda of the transgender movement. Read her full article here.

Listen to the stories of families going through this nightmare and learn about the threat this poses to our nation’s children and young adults.  Share with your family and friends.

Protect the Sheep

Joe Biden’s response to this question about “transgender rights” will hopefully lead the Catholic Bishops of this nation, and his personal Bishop to publicly condemn his statements, and educate their flock about the threat of the transgender agenda.

We learned years ago how some of our Bishops enabled an abomination that took root at the heart of our Church – the abuse of vulnerable children and young adults.    The majority of these cases involved the homosexual abuse of minor male youth.   This abuse disfigured the bodies, hearts, and souls of the victims.

Once again vulnerable sheep are threatened by wolves, some who identify as Catholic, that are attacking their minds and bodies.   Our Bishops now have a chance now to speak out, and take action. 


[There is a consistency in the radical abortion and transgender agendas of the Democratic Party – both involve the mutilation of vulnerable children.

The Democratic Party Platform approves of later term abortion procedures where fully formed babies are tortured to death in the womb, and the body parts sold for medical research.

Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris persecuted the courageous undercover journalist that broke the story about Planned Parenthood’s role in this scandal.]

An original song and video inspired by the revelations concerning former Cardinal Theodore (Uncle Ted) McCarrick and suffering of victims of abuse by some members of the clergy.


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