How Catholic Leaders and Laity are “Enabling” an Addiction: The Addiction of the Democratic Party to Abortion

How Catholic Leaders and Laity are “Enabling” an Addiction: The Addiction of the Democratic Party to Abortion


By Kevin Burke, LSW

Those Catholic leaders and laity of the Roman Catholic Church that justify voting for pro-abortion candidates, are enablers of the Democratic Party’s out of control addiction to abortion.

Let’s look at how addiction experts define enabling:

Anything that you do…that protects the alcoholic or addict from the consequences of his or her actions, could be enabling him to delay a decision to get help for their problem. It’s in their best interest if you stop whatever you are doing to enable them.

 Enabling is not helping. [1]

How do some clergy, religious and laity enable the Democratic Party’s addiction to abortion?

The Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice was founded by a group of Catholic religious sisters.  The Network proclaims that “all lives are equally sacred.”  They refer to abortion among a list of “equally sacred groups” such as victims of human trafficking, the elderly, poor, and immigrants.

The Network advises Christians to prioritize social issues and not focus exclusively on abortion; believers can look to the wider platform of a political party and candidate beyond abortion when making voting decisions. 

This led the Network to endorse Joe Biden for president.

Addiction experts warn that is essential to allow the addict to face the consequences of their behavior.

Enabling, or “empowering,” is detrimental to the recovery process of the addict. Many times, an enabler wishes to deny all the facts represented right in front of them, to protect their loved one and hold onto them. They believe that denial leads to everything staying the same, when in fact they’re putting their loved one in further danger by ignoring the facts.[2]

The religious sisters at the Network, as disciples of Jesus Christ, are concerned about the rights of the poor and oppressed.  However, Christians of good will may have different strategies and policy recommendations for the best way to respond to these issues of social justice. 

Tragically, the sisters do not realize that by equating the intrinsic evil of abortion, with prudential matters of social justice, they provide cover for the Democratic Party.  The Party, knowing they can rely on a significant portion of the “Catholic Vote,” are emboldened, and enabled in their raging addiction, reflected in the abortion extremism of their 2020 Party Platform.

Another recovery expert looks at the consequences of the continued denial by the enabler:

I’ve seen it countless times; you can’t deny the facts before you and expect anything to change…The truth of the matter is, the enabler is hiding the addict’s behavior.

Now, I ask you the hard question: are you an enabler of an addict… It’s not an easy thing to overcome, but it’s necessary to move forward both for you and your loved one. Enabling only leads to more pain, on all sides. Take a good hard look and be honest with yourself; it’s not too late to do something about it.

Break the Addiction

The Democratic Party Platform includes the radical promotion of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, and even after birth in botched abortions.

The Democratic Party will never break their addiction to abortion, and reform their party platform, until Catholic leaders and faithful demand they turn away from this evil. 

The only way to break this addiction, is to withhold our votes and deny them access to political power. 

“It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the right to life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop.” – Saint John Paul II




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