Coming in December: Project Joseph Offering a Spanish Language “Virtual Healing Day” for Men Hurting After Abortion

Coming in December: Project Joseph Offering a Spanish Language “Virtual Healing Day” for Men Hurting After Abortion


Healing after Abortion in Dallas, Texas has offered the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat for women and men now for over 20 years.  The men attending their Rachel Retreats received abundant healing.  Some of these male participants suggested also offering a men’s only group where men could go deeper into their story, and discover additional healing and strength for their faith journey. 

Project Joseph© was initiated in 2014 and is based on the Prodigal Son. It is a Day of Healing for men, and directed by men. It is served by a team who have been through their own healing, as well as a counselor and a deacon. The first retreat, which included a Mass offered by the Auxiliary Bishop of Dallas, welcomed 7 men on retreat. A few months later, Proyecto José© was offered by a team of Spanish speaking men with 14 participants.   

Project Joseph welcomes any man who has been a part of an abortion decision, which encompasses many more than just the father of the child. Whatever role he may have had, whether he suggested it, forced it, encouraged it, paid for it, fought against it, or simply said nothing – the footprint of that decision was placed on his heart that day.

Once that footprint has been recognized as the source of pain, regret and shame in his life, stemming from that abortion decision, he can see how it has affected him in so many ways.  Project Joseph is designed specifically to help men experience the mercy and compassion of God.

Project Joseph will be offering a Spanish Language Virtual Day of Healing for Men on December 6, 2020.  The first English language virtual healing day was held in August 2020.   Men participated from across the U.S. and all experienced emotional and spiritual healing, and the blessing of connecting with other men who understand and shared their loss.   

Here’s information on the Spanish Language Virtual Day of Healing:

Día de Sanación de Proyecto José en español, 6 de diciembre: Proyecto José es la oportunidad que cambiará la vida a  los hombres quienes luchan con el dolor emocional y espiritual del aborto provocado. Este Día de Sanación es un proceso único y efectivo diseñado específicamente para ayudar a los hombres a vivir la compasión y la misericordia de Dios. No continúe viviendo con el dolor, coraje, remordimiento, o vergüenza. ¡La esperanza y la sanación le esperan!  Para más información, visite o contacte: sanació o al número: 469-605-SANA(7262). Para retiros de fin de semana para mujeres y hombres, visite  Todas las llamadas o correos son estrictamente confidenciales.

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