There’s a Very Personal and Persuasive Pro-Abortion Internet Post Circulating on the Web – Here’s What you Need to Respond

There’s a Very Personal and Persuasive Pro-Abortion Internet Post Circulating on the Web – Here’s What you Need to Respond


By Kevin Burke, LSW

Susan Swander has been involved for many years with the Rachel’s Vineyard ministry in Oregon, reaching out to women and men who have suffered the loss of a child from abortion.

I wanted to share her response to an internet post that has been widely circulated since the Texas Heartbeat Law was enacted that prohibits abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected. 

This internet post lists a number of women by first name and briefly presents the common pro-abortion reasons why each of these women must have access to abortion.  The implication is that any restriction of abortion, through all nine months of pregnancy, is a personal attack upon individual women in difficult circumstances.

Susan Swander responds:

People who create these pro-abortion internet memes and clever posts do not understand the real damage that abortion does.  I, too, am pro-Becky, pro-Susan, pro-Theresa, pro-Cathy etc.  Each of these women is in a difficult pregnancy situation.  I do not want to add to their difficulties – and this is what an abortion will do. 

An abortion will NOT fix their problem.  It will add to their pain and their suffering.  How do I know?  Because I tried abortion as a solution to 3 difficult, unplanned pregnancies. It never worked.  It only added to my pain and it killed 3 of my children.  Those abortions left me with a life of pain, guilt, shame, and emptiness.

My healing is still a work in progress, but it is happening.  I pray that Becky, Susan, Theresa, Cathy, and all women never have to go through the added misery after an abortion.  

How can we respond with love, charity, but also with the information that can counter the emotionally laden, yet misguided narratives used to justify abortion as an essential part of a woman’s healthcare?

Here are a few great resources to help you respond to pro-abortion propaganda:

Drawing on the experience and insights of hundreds of her clients, Dr. Burke shows how repressed feelings may be acted out through self-destructive behavior, broken relationships, obsessions, eating disorders, parenting difficulties and other emotional or behavioral problems.  

Forbidden Grief is an exceptional book…It is essential reading for social workers and other mental health professionals. – Tim Brandyberry, MSSW

Recall Abortion does an excellent job of replacing numbers with faces, pie charts with stories. But its reach doesn’t end there. It also tackles the so-called “hard cases,” including abortion in the cases of rape and incest, fetal abnormalities, and the life of a mother. Documenting the tragic effects, over decades, of abortifacients and abortions, Janet convincingly demonstrates that we neither need nor want abortion, even in the “hard cases” of rape and incest, fetal anomalies, or “life of the mother.”  We can do better!” 

            -Margaret H. Hartshorn, Ph.D. – President, Heartbeat International

This Priests for Life webpage offers excellent responses to common pro-abortion arguments.  Here’s just a few of the topics covered:

Abortion Is Good for Society; The Unborn Are Not Fully Human; All Ethical Choices Are Equally Valid; Abortion Is Needed for the Hard Cases; If abortion is restricted, women will again die by the thousands from dangerous back-alley abortions.  You can access this page and the responses here.

  • Valerie shares about her abortion experience, the aftermath, and her journey to healing:

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