Understanding the Immigration Policy of the Biden Regime: Why a Nation that Aborts 65 Million of its Own Citizens Fails to Control its National Boundaries

Understanding the Immigration Policy of the Biden Regime: Why a Nation that Aborts 65 Million of its Own Citizens Fails to Control its National Boundaries


Kevin Burke, LSW

In late June 2018 thousands gathered across the U.S. to protest the Trump administration’s border policy. Rallies in Portland turned violent and were soon shut down by police.

Here we are in 2021.  Tucker Carlson opened his show on October 25th focusing on how the policies and messaging of the Biden Regime have led to chaos at our southern border. 

Tucker Carlson:

“It’s a disaster, and it’s hard to believe that not so long ago, this country actually enforced its immigration laws … a massive migrant caravan has formed in southeastern Mexico in the city of Tapachula… The border is now open for everyone.”

Trauma and Weak “Personal Borders”

There are multiple factors contributing to the failed immigration policies of the Biden Regime;  The Globalist utopian ideology of the progressive left.  Increasing the voting ranks of the Democratic Party. Greed fueled lust for cheap labor that attacks our poor and working class citizens.

But there is another powerful dynamic at work here that is likely contributing to this insanity.  I draw upon 25 years in outreach to thousands of women, men, couples and families from across the U.S. who experienced various painful symptoms, and relationship dysfunction after participating in abortion. Over time I witnessed common themes in their lives and relationships that can help us understand how the after-shocks of the abortion event can have an impact well beyond the individual. 

Many of our nation’s leaders in business, academia, media and government have promoted “reproductive rights.”  Millions of our fellow citizens have participated in the death of now approaching 65 million preborn children.

Countless others have served as accessories to abortion; e.g., driven a friend to the procedure, helped pay for the abortion, or persuaded a pregnant woman that abortion was the only reasonable decision. Large segments of the population have lost a son or daughter, grandchild or other family member to abortion.

How Abortion Trauma Helps Form the Immigration Policy of the Radical Left

Theresa Burke, Ph.D., writes in her book Forbidden Grief of how women with past sexual abuse, can be traumatized by the invasive abortion procedure, and struggle to maintain healthy personal boundaries in their relationships in the aftermath of the procedure.  These women, and their living children, can fall victim to predatory males who exploit their vulnerability.

 The abortion testimonies of many women and men report a period immediately following the abortion when they lost a sense of healthy personal boundaries, and engaged in self-destructive sexual behaviors and relationships.

Can we see a similar dynamic manifest in a nation with close to 65 million abortions since 1973?

The progressive left is a political movement that zealously promotes abortion, with members who have participated personally in abortion, or have been accessories in promoting the procedure. The Biden Regime is radically pro-abortion.

These same liberal politicians and activists advocate an open borders policy that fails to protect the interests of citizens and taxpayers.  Many reject their own national heritage and culture.  As Tucker Carlson’s pointed out, it is a suicidal policy of a nation that does not respect its national boundaries, its citizens, or the migrants that are compelled to immigrate by the Biden message of asylum for all.  

We observe similar dynamics in European nations that are no longer preserving and valuing what is best in their culture and heritage as abortion, collapsing birthrates, and uncontrolled immigration threaten the very existence of some countries.

During the Trump administration, the Main Stream Media orchestrated intense outrage focused on the supposed cruel separation of parents and children at the border.

Yet we continue to ignore the violent separation of mothers and their preborn children, as their babies cross the border of the womb to the outside world, dismembered and broken by the procedure.

Restoring National Sanity

The symptoms suffered after abortion are rooted in the inability to express, and process the feelings and memories from the abortion event, and come to a place of healing and peace.

The heart of recovery involves going through a safe program to express those painful feelings and memories, repentance of one’s role in the abortion, and most importantly, reconnecting in love with the aborted child or children.

An important step to restore sanity in the U.S. will be renewed commitment by our Churches, politicians and citizens to heal this national trauma. We need to elect politicians that understand that abortion not only attacks the life of preborn children, it is eating away at the foundation of our society.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta said:

“… Your decision [to legalize abortion] has deformed a great nation.”[1]                          

As I wrote in our book Rivers of Blood/Oceans of Mercy, the further we are removed from our moral and spiritual Judeo-Christian heritage, and the absolute providence of our Creator over human life, the further we travel with Alice down the rabbit hole into cultural chaos and madness.

If we continue down the road of neo-Marxist Cultural Revolution, and radical pro-abortion zealotry, we will see a nation that becomes increasingly irrational, divided, weak and vulnerable to internal and external attacks.

  • Tucker Carlson video October 25th 2021:

Not long ago this country actually enforced immigration laws

[1] Mother Teresa’s Letter to the US Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade.  (February 1994).


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