Why Did Jesus Curse that Fig Tree? Prepare for Holy Week with this Amazing Presentation by Dr. Brant Pitre

Why Did Jesus Curse that Fig Tree? Prepare for Holy Week with this Amazing Presentation by Dr. Brant Pitre


By Kevin Burke, LSW

As we draw closer to the most solemn week on the Church’s calendar, I’d like to suggest a spiritual and scriptural journey with Jesus that will take you through each day of this final week of his earthly life. 

 Scripture scholar Dr. Brant Pitre, in his presentation on Holy Week, draws upon the writings of the Old and New Testaments and other ancient Jewish sources that are essential to understanding Jesus, and His mission. 

Dr Pitre shares some amazing insights that will lead you to a deeper experience of this spiritually rich and blessed time of year. A few areas from his presentation that stood out to me:

  • Why did Jesus curse the fig tree on his way to Jerusalem where he would overturn the tables and drive the money changers from the Temple?  What is the significance of the fig tree to the Garden of Eden and the role of Jesus as the New Adam?
  • In the Apostle John’s gospel account of the crucifixion and death of Jesus – John steps out of the narrative – to directly address the reader to tell them that he personally witnessed the centurion thrusting his lance into the heart of Jesus, as blood and water poured out from his side. 

Other scholars have pointed out that John was sharing with the early Christians that Jesus, like the Passover Lamb, would have none of his bones broken in His sacrificial death.  It also makes sense that John wanted to personally confirm that Jesus physically died, prior to his glorious resurrection.   But Dr Pitre reveals an even deeper revelation of the connection of this event to the Temple sacrifices in Jerusalem.

There is so much more.   Make this part of your own personal, and family journey with Jesus through the events of Holy Week as we await the celebration of Easter. 

If you have been away from the Church, away from the practice of your faith, Holy Week is the perfect time to re-discover the richness of your Catholic faith, the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

Events of the last few years, and events that may unfold in the days to come, impress upon us the importance of building a foundation of deep faith – a faith that places our relationship with God above all things of this world.

A faith that will cultivate, deep within us, an abiding trust in God.   A peace that can withstand the storms and chaos, confusion and temptations that, in time, touch all our lives.

Here’s a link to the presentation on Holy Week by Dr. Brant Pitre:

Holy Week by Dr. Brant Pitre


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