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Human cloning will be enshrined in the Missouri Constitution if Amendment 2 passes November 7th.  While the measure claims to ban “human cloning,” it only bans a human clone from being implanted in a woman, not from being created and then killed for research purposes.  Amendment 2 is nothing short of a grand deception.

Amendment 2, also known as the Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative, is deceptive even in its title.  “Stem cell research” of all kinds is already legal.  The Church and the pro-life movement do not want to curtail “stem cell research,” but only those forms of embryonic stem cell research that require the killing of human embryos.  What’s more, hope for “cures” from stem cell research has only been found in adult stem cells, not those taken from human embryos. 

Adult stem cell research, which harms no one and has never been controversial, has yielded dozens of medical treatments thus far.  Embryonic stem cell research, in spite of years of work and experimentation, has yielded nothing.  To say that Amendment 2 would bring “cures” to people is a heartbreakingly cruel and exploitative attempt to line the pockets of those who would profit from human cloning.

Among other things, Amendment 2 would prohibit state and local governments from withholding public funds from those who clone humans for experimentation and who work for institutions that receive public money for purposes other than stem cell research.  This means that the state of Missouri would be required to fund the destruction of the smallest human beings. 

The impact of Amendment 2 gets worse.  According to attorney Steven Rogers, under the terms of the initiative, the legislature couldn’t even regulate the companies and institutions that clone humans for research purposes.  Amendment 2 flatly proclaims that no state or local law may “prevent, restrict, obstruct, or discourage any stem cell research….”  In the words of Mr. Rogers, “[The right to conduct embryonic stem cell research established by Amendment 2] is designed to operate above the rule of law.”  Those who clone humans for experimentation would be a law unto themselves.

The list of horrors of Amendment 2 is long.  The measure is not just about allowing and funding embryonic stem cell research, which would be reasons enough to oppose it.  It’s about creating more constitutional protection for cloning than even abortion has.  Its impact would be sweeping and not for the good.

 Amendment 2 is being funded primarily by the Stowers family, founders of a multi-billion dollar medical research institute, which spent $1 million to get the initiative on the ballot and which has committed $10 million to the campaign.  Needless to say, opponents do not have similar resources.

We urge voters to become aware of the deadly serious threats that this measure presents.  Please visit Missourians Against Human Cloning ( and Missouri Right to Life ( for more information.

What is Priests for Life doing about this amendment?

Priests for Life has made the public aware of this initiative by means of our television and radio interviews, letters, and emails. In particular, our educational efforts all year round regarding cloning and stem cell research is helping pro-life people in Missouri to argue against the proponents of this initiative.

Priests for Life continues to keep the priests of Missouri - and all the priests across the country - aware of the urgency of protecting human life in its earliest stages, and encourages the efforts of the various dioceses in this regard.

Our overall educational activity about elections ( ), of course, ties into this ballot initiative and assists people to know how to generate more votes.

Recently, Fr. Frank took part in the special meeting of pro-life leaders regarding the Missouri Amendment.  And we will be collaborating with them in the weeks and days before nov.7.

Read more here:

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Fr. Pavone: MIT Professor's Statements Expose a Major Deception of Embryonic Stem Cell Advocates

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