Pro-life leader challenges Biden, Harris: Let’s have an honest debate about abortion

Priests for Life

Publication Date: January 25, 2024


Contact:  Leslie Palma


TITUSVILLE, FL – Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone has issued a challenge to President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Democrat Party: Let’s talk about abortion.

“The president of a nation facing critical issues like the economy and illegal immigration chose to make his first campaign rally all about abortion. And to mark the anniversary of the disastrous and tragic Roe v. Wade decision, the vice president embarked on a nationwide tour to call for more abortion,” Pavone said.

“My organization and I have been raising awareness about abortion for more than 30 years. So, I welcome the focus on this issue. But the problem with the Democrats is that they say they want to talk about abortion, and then they run away from the topic. They should start by admitting what abortion is, letting us see it, and describing what they defend.

“I have been saying for years that we need an honest debate about abortion. That means we recognize that what causes Americans to be divided and ambivalent on the issue is that there are two lives at stake: the mother, and the child in her womb. The debate is about how to balance the rights of those two lives.

“People like Biden and Harris just eliminate one life – the one in the womb -- from any consideration whatsoever. They make it a one-dimensional issue. Voila – problem solved.

“They talk about the woman, her health, and her life. They will never use the words blood, flesh, bones, skull, arms, legs, dismember or decapitate. That brings too much attention to the life in the womb and what abortion does to that life. But read the medical textbooks on how abortions are done, and you’ll find those words.

“If the Democrats want to focus on abortion with any degree of credibility, they might want to start by defining their terms, and indicating their willingness to have an honest discussion.”

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