Shari Richard

Ultrasound Trainer, Pro-Life Speaker


Publication Date: March 24, 2024

Shari Richard

Shari (Sharleen) Richard, R.D.M.S is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. She is a nationally recognizes speaker who pioneered the use of ultrasound in the pro-life cause, giving countless talks in schools and at pro-life events nationwide.

She explains her work by saying, “These are the voices of women, men and families that have been confronted with the truth of abortion displayed through ultrasound of the unborn. This gift of life is unique, it is transforming and it is irreplaceable. As a result of my ultrasound profession and personal grief and pain from abortion, I incorporated Sound Wave Images in 1990. The mission was to provide educational resources on fetal development and facts related to the emotional and physical trauma of abortion. The Journey of Sound Wave Images will take you through the last 25 years and show excerpts of video productions, ultrasound manuals, trainings, speaking presentations and other completed missions. We are “Leading the Way with Ultrasound” and we are changing lives and touching hearts through the “window to the womb” and the voices of millions of men, women and families who are breaking the silence and sharing the truth that abortion hurts all!! It is my prayer that this message will continue to bring healing and hope to change the hearts around the world to recognize the hidden and inherent beauty of every life. It is time to begin the journey back from death to life, from pain to healing and from denial to purpose.”

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