Regarding Partial-birth Abortion

Arthur J. Brew

Document Publication: Wanderer

Publication Date: May 09, 1996

PORT CHESTER, N.Y.—Following a heroic but unsuccessful effort by the Catholic hierarchy and the entire pro-life community to convince President Clinton not to veto the partial-birth abortion ban, Priests for Life is now launching a drive to educate the faithful about this callous and brutal procedure.

Describing the White House veto as "a travesty of governance and a threat to all human life everywhere,'' Fr. Frank Pavone, national director, is urging America's nearly 50,000 priests to vigorously educate their parishioners about President Clinton's action.

"As national director of Priests for Life—an official association in the Catholic Church—it is my duty to make it clear to every single priest and deacon in my organization that what President Clinton has done is totally unacceptable. I want to give my solemn word that we will do everything in our power to let our people know what the veto of this ban means—that the President of the United States is in favor of allowing living, innocent children to be butchered while already partly delivered from their mothers' wombs.''

Fr. Pavone applauded the actions of the U.S. cardinals and bishops in supporting the ban. ''They are leading the charge against this abomination and we must support them in any way we can."

On April 1st, a candlelight vigil in front of the White House saw Bernard Cardinal Law, chairman of the Bishops' Committee for Pro-Life Activities; James Cardinal Hickey and Auxiliary Bishop William Lori of Washington, D.C.; and Bishop John Glynn of the U.S. Military Archdiocese lead hundreds in prayer in an effort to change the President's mind.

As he has done on so many occasions, Clinton caved in to members of the abortion lobby. They vote, while the unborn cannot.

A December poll showed that 71% of Americans support a ban on this grisly practice, as do 65 % of pro-abortion voters.

Priests for Life is sending a letter to all of its supporters asking them to sign a pledge condemning this procedure.

"We consistently oppose the destruction of all innocent human life,'' Fr. Pavone writes. ''The continuation of partial-birth abortion as a legal act in America, however, should be a serious wake-up call to all citizens. If we cannot reject this as wrong, what will we reject? If this does not disturb us, is there anything that will?"

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