Priests for Life Move North

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Document Publication: The Interim: Canada's Life and Family Newspaper

Publication Date: July 01, 1995

Priests for Life is the only organization exclusively dedicated to motivating the clergy to bring about an end to abortion and is committed to providing information and materials of an educational nature to enable the clergy to better support and promote the Church's teachings on life issues.

The name Priests for Life means to convey that a pro-life commitment is essential to priesthood and seeks to help all priests activate that commitment in whatever form of ministry they exercise.

The organization has a collection, which they prepared to send, of sample pro-life, pro- Humanae Vitae homilies and bulletin inserts on abortion and euthanasia. There is a newsletter to inform priests of pro-life initiatives, videos to assist women in need who might otherwise have their baby killed. Members also travel to give talks to clergy.

Father Frank Pavone, the National Director of Priests for Life visited with Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity sisters in Calcutta, India. She was excited to hear about the work of PFL, and expressed her desire that the priests not hesitate to teach and preach on the sanctity of life.

She gave Father Pavone a hand-written message for all priests which reads, "Dear Priests of Jesus: Be only all for Jesus through Mary. Be not afraid to let Jesus use you for His own. Be holy. Let us pray. God bless you, Mother Teresa."

She also expressed her desire to have priests enroll themselves in "Veronica Intercessory," whereby they will be personally prayed for by one of the Missionaries of Charity sisters. Priests for Life can provide more information on this or write directly to Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity, Motherhouse, 54AAJC Bose Road, Calcutta, 700016, West Bengal, India.

After hearing one of the Father Pavone's talks to her sisters, Mother Teresa said to him, "This would be very good for our priests!" She took him to the Archbishop's residence for a meeting to arrange for a series of talks to the priests, seminarians and religious of India. Could this be done in Canada too? Priests for Life is acquiring an international character and wants to continue to travel to bring the pro-life message to clergy around the world, including Canada. They encourage clergy to contact them for information on how to form a PFL chapter by writing to Rev. Frank Pavone, P.O. Box 141172, Staten Island, NY, 10314. Cardinal Mahoney, Chairman of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' Pro-Life Committee has said, "I am very honoured to offer my approval and endorsement of Priests For Life" and hopes many PFL chapters will be established.

Father Pavone writes, "Preach vigorously, act decisively and keep in touch with us as we continue to save lives" . . . and souls!

Let us respond to these words of wisdom and help bring about "Something Beautiful for God!" in Canada.

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