Father, Can We Please Hear a Pro-Life Sermon?

Kevin Kukla

Document Publication: ProLife365.com

Publication Date: May 20, 2016

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When is the last time you heard a pro-life sermon?

If you attend the majority of Catholic parishes in this country, the answer is not very often, or maybe never.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has designated October the “Respect Life” month each year. Every Catholic who attends Mass the first Sunday of October (dubbed “Respect Life Sunday”) is supposed to hear a pro-life sermon.

Beyond that, though, it seems very few priests devote Sunday sermons to the topic.


Priests for Life, an organization run by Fr. Frank Pavone, has compiled an impressive array of resources for clergy. If you click here, you can see examples of various pro-life sermons.  They offer historical parallels to draw from, Old Testament directives on carrying for the most vulnerable amongst us, and many other “homily hints and helps.”
Priests for Life has even composed notes on each Sunday’s readings and how any one of them can be lay the groundwork for a solid pro-life sermon.  You can click here for that amazing resource. 


No reason exists why the pro-life cause needs to be furthered only by a pro-life sermon here or there. 

The Prayers of the Faithful during Mass itself would be a great time to get the faithful praying for the cause. As well, bulletin inserts and parish-wide pro-life activities can be utilized, as well.

Priests for Life, as you might imagine, put together some ideas for each parish to implement, available here. 


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