Fr. Pavone: "It's Time to Act Like the Winners We Are"

Priests for Life building on Election Day Victories

Priests for Life

November 11, 2016

NEW YORK -- "We won!" stated Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, in reference to the elections, and Priests for Life is wasting no time to start using the opportunity that this victory presents for the unborn children.

Starting on the day after Election Day, Fr. Pavone and the team of Priests for Life began mobilizing and organizing grassroots pro-life activists to build on the victories won in the elections.

"We were joined by hundreds of activists as well as national pro-life leaders from across the country on an evening webcast we convened on Wednesday, November 9th.  We have also begun reaching out to our friends in Congress, to start the process of implementing the next steps in protecting the unborn and shutting down the abortion industry.

“In particular, we will start immediately with an action alert to all our followers, asking them to thank the House leadership and the members of the Select Panel in Infant Lives for their work, and to express our desire to see that work continue in the 115th Congress.

"The Select Panel was one of the most important aspects of the work of the 114th Congress," said Fr. Pavone. "With subpoena power, this panel is beginning to shed light on the practice of late-term abortion in the United States, and on the other ways in which the abortion industry is corrupt. There is more to uncover, and we look forward to working with the members of the panel until the job is done."

The issue of late-term abortion, which the American public strongly opposes, was raised in the Presidential campaign and the debates, as it became clear that in contrast to the Republican party, which declares that "the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed" (2016 platform) the Democratic party wants to do away with all regulations, no matter how reasonable, on abortion and has never seen an abortion it is willing to ban.

"The pro-life side won this election," declared Fr. Pavone, "and now we intend to act like the winners we are. We are going to build on the momentum we have. The same wonderful grassroots people who helped win this election are now going to stay together, stay active, and actually implement the protection of the unborn that motivated us to vote in the first place. We've lived through eight years of the Obama regime and its unmitigated support of abortion. Now it's our turn, and we're not going to lose this opportunity to advance the protection of the unborn.

"Moreover, we will challenge Democratic elected officials -- who with very few exceptions follow their pro-abortion party line -- to stop hiding the extremism of their position and to describe what they defend. The last thing that abortion supporters want to discuss is abortion; they are afraid to tell the American people that the abortion procedure is dismemberment and decapitation. They don't talk about the arms and legs being twisted off the bodies, or the skulls being removed in fragments. If they think abortion is such a great thing for America, they should at least have the honesty to tell people what it is. We certainly will, both with words and pictures and videos. As we begin to reverse the pro-abortion Democratic policies, we will continue to press this challenge: Describe what you defend," promised Fr. Pavone.

In addition to working with Congress, Fr. Pavone and Executive Director Janet Morana continue, in their capacity as private citizens, to communicate with their colleagues alongside whom they served as members of the Pro-life Coalition and also the Catholic Advisory Group of the Trump Campaign.

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