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Pro-Life Progress in the Trump Administration's First 100 Days

Priests for Life

April 27, 2017

As President Trump's first term marks the completion of its first 100 days, I want to express on my own behalf and that of Priests for Life the gratitude we have to him and his Administration for the significant progress that has been made and victories that have been won for the cause of protecting children in the womb from abortion.

The first and greatest service, of course, that President Trump gave to the pro-life cause is that he kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

Beyond that, both by his support for legislative action, his executive actions, and his nomination and successful confirmation of a pro-life Supreme Court Justice, the President has fulfilled multiple promises he made to the pro-life people who elected him and will elect him again.

We have prepared a document that outlines some of the progress that has been made and the victories that have been won for the pro-life cause in these first 100 days. We ask our Priests for Life family to spread the word.

1-22-17  President Donald Trump signs executive order reinstating and enhancing the Mexico City Policy (MCP).  The order not only reestablishes the original MCP’s prohibition against Agency for International Development (AID) funding of groups that perform or promote abortion in foreign countries, but also extends that restriction to all federal departments and agencies.  Further, the measure bars, to the extent permitted by law, the funding of organizations that support or participate in programs of forced abortion or involuntary sterilization.  The International Planned Parenthood Federation says it will lose $100 million because of the order.

1-24-17   House of Representatives passes H.R. 7, which would place the Hyde amendment into federal law (eliminating the need for annual Congressional action) and extend it to all federal spending, not just expenditures authorized through the Department of Health and Human Services.  The legislation would also bar the government from subsidizing insurance plans that cover elective abortions.

1-27-17  Vice President Mike Pence becomes the highest ranking U.S. official ever to speak in person at the March for Life.  President Trump tweets to the crowd, “The #MarchForLife is so important. To all of you marching --- you have my full support!”

1-31-17  President Trump nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  Judge Gorsuch has ruled against the Obama administration’s HHS mandate and has written a book opposing the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

2-16-17  House of Representatives passes House Joint Resolution 43, which would rescind the Obama administration rule requiring states to distribute Title X family planning money to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

3-6-17  President Trump tells the New York Times that organizations that now perform abortions could continue to receive federal funding if they stop performing abortions.  Planned Parenthood rejects the offer.

3-7-17  The administration-backed bill to repeal and replace Obamacare is introduced.  The measure would prohibit Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funds for one year.

3-30-17 Vice President Pence casts two tie-breaking Senate votes in favor of House Joint Resolution 43, which would revoke the Obama administration regulation that requires states to give Title X family planning funds to Planned Parenthood and other groups that perform abortions.

4-3-17  The Trump administration’s State Department announces that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) will no longer receive federal funding because its participation in China’s forced abortion policy violates the Kemp-Kasten amendment.

4-7-17 Senate confirms the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

4-10-17 Judge Neil Gorsuch sworn in as 113th Supreme Court Justice.

4-13-17 President Trump signs House Joint Resolution 43.  States are now free to distribute Title X family planning money only to recipients that do not perform abortions.

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