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Silent No More hails SCOTUS action on ‘Jane Doe’ case as a potential life-saver

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

June 04, 2018


Contact: Leslie Palma - 732-757-9087

Janet Morana and Georgette Forney, co-founders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, issued the following statement today regarding the Supreme Court’s action on a case involving an undocumented teenager and abortion.

“It’s good news that the Supreme Court vacated the U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that allowed this teenager to be taken for an abortion, but of course it’s too late to save her baby’s life or to keep the teen from experiencing the remorse, regret and deep grief that follows an abortion.

“Just as Norma McCorvey was used by pro-abortion attorneys in the Roe v. Wade ruling, this young woman, known as ‘Jane Doe,’ was a pawn of the ACLU as it sought to put the federal government into the business of procuring abortions for minors in this country illegally. With its action today, the Supreme Court has ensured that Jane Doe’s case can’t be cited as precedent in the future. Perhaps it will save babies’ lives.”

“It is disappointing, though, that the Court took no action on the Department of Justice’s request to have lawyers for the ACLU sanctioned for misleading the government, and covertly taking the teen for a second-trimester abortion in the very early morning hours.  A sanction would have offered some protection to young girls who may face a similar situation in the future and find themselves powerless to resist these pro-abortion attorneys and their anti-life agendas.

“We hope this young woman will have people in her life who will be as solicitous to take her for after-abortion counseling as they were in taking her to have an abortion.”


The Campaign began November 11, 2002.  As of January 2016, the Silent No More Awareness Campaign has held 1,582 Gatherings in 17 countries & 48 states with 5,978 women and men sharing their abortion testimonies. Testimonies have also been shared at 117 high schools and universities in the last 5 years, 14 in 2015. There are 2,405 testimonies posted on the Campaign website, with 395 that are shared via video!  Currently there are 17,049 people registered with the Campaign representing 77 countries.


The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a joint project of Anglicans for Life and Priests for Life.  For more information, please visit our website:                                                                                                                       

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