Priests for Life

Bishop Kenneth J. Povish
Bishop Emeritus of Lansing, MI
July 21, 2001

If you read this newspaper, or any of the monthly Catholic magazines, or even articles about abortion in the "pro-choice" secular press, you have been seeing the name of Father Frank Pavone with increasing frequency in the past year. He is a priest of the Archdiocese of New York and has served on the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family in years past. In 1993 he was authorized by the late Cardinal John O' Connor to lead the Priests for Life movement, recognized under Canon Law as an Association of the Faithful.

It now has bishops, priests and deacons (including your writer), all over the United States and even abroad, committed to "assisting God's people to proclaim, celebrate and serve the Gospel of Life." Styling itself as "pro-woman, pro-family, and pro-life," Priests For Life have a very public record of rejecting violence against abortion providers all the while stoutly defending the rights of the unborn.

In April, Father Pavone and Priests For Life received the "Proudly Pro-Life Award" from the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) at its annual banquet at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. This was in recognition of the role of Father Pavone and his movement in the 2000 elections, wherein, without mentioning candidates' names, they conveyed the message of truth and life to the public. Many in politics acknowledge the influence this had on the election, according to the NRLC.

In his response at the banquet, Father Pavone said, "There is a justifiable fear in the ranks of the pro-abortion movement. Abortion facilities are closing, workers are leaving and becoming pro-life, doctors are increasingly unwilling to perform abortions, and opinion polls keep moving in our direction."

Then he announced the beginning of the effort to have a pro-life Senate in Washington after the 2002 mid-term elections.


Priests for Life has been challenging the national and local media to show the American people on television what an abortion is. The pro-choice interests, so called, are horrified at the thought. Planned Parenthood, the Ford Foundation and the like pressure the sympathetic media to keep abortion off the TV screen. They know what happened when the partial-birth abortion procedure was shown on film to both houses of Congress during the last administration -- the Congress passed laws twice banning this procedure, which is really infanticide; and it would have become law if Clinton had not vetoed it both times and if a few more Democrats had voted to overrule. If you want to see for yourself what an abortion does to an unborn child, go to the website at

There is no excuse under the sun for keeping secret what is the most common surgery in America today, and at the same time the most divisive social problem. As Father Pavone of Priests for Life wrote in its July newsletter, "We will not solve the controversy over abortion in this country until more people see what it looks like."

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