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Jessica Francavilla

May 01, 2019
Lately abortion has been all over the news. A frenzy of activity is taking place in government and in the spirit realm as we prepare for the possibility of the roe v. Wade decision to overturn. At the time this article was written, legislation on the state level was being passed for abortion up to and possibly beyond birth, and legislation was being passed to protect babies once a heartbeat is heard. 

Ever since 1973 our country has built mini-sacrifice centers. The false gods of Molech and Baal have resurfaced as gods of convenience, fear, and money to which sacrifices are made. Over 60 million sacrifices have occurred since Roe v. Wade. 

I represent three of those 60 million.

Our God wants to restore us. He is redemptive, and He sees each one of us. Only through Him can we move past our sins. This is my story of redemption.
At 15 years of age I was a tenth grader who was active in clubs and sports. I was creative and loved art and drama. I lived in southern New Hampshire with my father, stepmother, and younger stepsister. While life wasn’t perfect, we certainly represented middle-America in the late 1980s. 

During high school, it seemed perfectly normal for teens to be sexually active. My friends and I would talk about who had lost their virginity and what it was like. It was a “rite of passage” everyone seemed to be going through. In health classes we learned about the anatomy and contraceptives. Those health classes did not teach us signs to look for to determine if we were pregnant. So while it seemed normal to be sexually active, when I became pregnant at 15 I had no idea. It took my stepmother questioning me and then buying me a pregnancy test to confirm it.

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