Fr. Pavone to ND abortion business: Describe dismemberment abortion in court

Priests for Life

August 02, 2019

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TITUSVILLE, FL -- “Laws that should be saving lives in North Dakota are instead on hold because an abortion seller who stands to lose money is putting her profits over the health of women and children in the state,” Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, said today.
A law that would protect second-trimester babies from the pain of a dismemberment abortion was set to go into effect yesterday but has been put on hold after the director of the Red River Valley Women’s Center filed a challenge in federal court. 
“If Red River director Tammi Kromenaker wants to challenge this law, let her describe in court what a dismemberment abortion entails – that is, removing a living child from his mother’s womb one limb at a time. If you’re going to defend this barbaric practice, have the courage to describe it.”
Also on hold is a law that would have required abortionists at Red River – the state’s only abortion business – to tell mothers it’s possible to stop a chemical abortion after the first drug has been ingested.
“Pro-aborts like to call the abortion pill reversal protocol ‘junk science’ but the mothers of 400 healthy babies born because of it would call it a miracle,” Father Pavone said.
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