Fr. Pavone: Human life in the womb is biology, not ideology

Priests for Life

December 09, 2019

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TITUSVILLE, FL -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today said an ultrasound law that will be enacted in Kentucky will save lives by giving medically accurate information to women about their unborn children.

“By the U.S. Supreme Court declining to hear a challenge to an ultrasound law in Kentucky, women will begin seeing the ultrasound images of their children and hearing their heartbeats,” he said. “The abortion industry calls this state-imposed ideology, but if anyone’s ideology gets in the way of medically accurate information, it’s the ideology of the abortion industry.”

“This law, which was upheld this year by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, reminds me of the South Dakota law upheld a decade ago by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in Planned Parenthood vs. Rounds. That law requires abortionists to say the procedure ends the life of a ‘whole, separate, unique living human being.’ Planned Parenthood said this was the state imposing an ideological view but the court said it was simple scientific fact.

“Just biology, no ideology added.”

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