Fr. Frank Pavone says coronavirus crisis will lead to 'deepening of faith'

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life
FoxNews.Com - New York, NY

April 20, 2020

Quarantine Routine is a regular feature that asks political power brokers and public figures how their daily lives have changed -- and how they're still doing their jobs -- during the coronavirus crisis. 
Priests for Life National Director Fr. Frank Pavone said the current coronavirus crisis will lead to a strengthening of spirituality and a renewal of faith, among all Americans, during an interview with Fox News on Saturday.
He described how his daily routine has changed and how he is continuing his ministry in the midst of the shutdown.
Fox News: How has your daily routine changed since social distancing measures began?
Pavone: Since the social distancing measures have begun -- which by the way are such a great way to help our nation and protect our families -- have been instituted, my life has changed quite a bit. Because my ministry is a national and international pro-life ministry 'Priests for Life,' the largest in the catholic church and active in about 70 countries, I am always on the road. I sometimes joke that I spend more time in airports than in churches.
And I'm making at least four trips a week and speaking to vast audiences and having strategy sessions and meetings, and interacting with the pro-life community. So all of a sudden, all of that stopped. The events were being either canceled or postponed or transferred to virtual events. So I really miss that. Of course in another aspect, we were already, as a ministry, very present online -- video broadcasting, social media.
And so utilizing those methods to reach people during the time of social distancing, for us, was not something new. Not something that we had to start learning. It was a place where we were already very well established. And that has really helped our work quite a bit.
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