Priests for Life thanks Trump, US Mission to UN for continuing to oppose abortion

Priests for Life

June 04, 2020

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TITUSVILLE, FL -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today thanked the Trump administration for rejecting a United Nations proposal on humanitarian assistance that would have promoted abortion.
“At Priests for Life, we support President Trump and the U.S. Mission to the U.N. for standing firm against efforts to use funding earmarked for COVID-19 relief to promote abortion,” Father Pavone said. “While we continue to fight to end abortion in the U.S., we never forget that this is a worldwide struggle. As I said in a recent interview, we must stop abortion globally because all the world is our parish.”
The U.S. statement in reaction to the proposed U.N. Economic and Social Council resolution noted that: “The United States is the most generous nation in the world, and we continue to lead in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The American people have given more than $11 billion that will benefit the global COVID-19 response, and we continue to seek to ensure that the substantial U.S. funding and scientific efforts on this front remain a central and coordinated part of the worldwide effort against the disease.”
The statement continued: “As stated at the outset of the negotiations, the United States cannot accept the terms ‘sexual and reproductive health care services’ and ‘sexual and reproductive health’ in Operative Paragraphs 42 and 47. The United States rejects any interpretation of international human rights to require any State Party to provide access to abortion. In short, there is no international right to abortion, nor is there any duty on the part of States to finance or facilitate abortion. … At the UN and elsewhere, the United States will continue its work to build consensus on clear terminology that would better promote women’s health without also promoting abortion. As President Trump has stated, “Americans will never tire of defending innocent life.”
Father Pavone added: “President Trump and his representatives at the U.N. take every opportunity to oppose any statement or policy that seeks to create an international right to  abortion as a human right. I applaud that effort, and we need to see to it that the president has the opportunity to continue that effort for four more years.”
Priests for Life (EndAbortion.US)  is the world’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated exclusively to ending abortion. Pro-life efforts are working. The abortion rate in America is the lowest it has been since Roe v. Wade and in recent years states have passed more than 400 laws to protect the unborn. The number of freestanding abortion clinics in the U.S. has dropped from 2179 in 1991 down to 710 today, and President Trump has placed more than 200 (and counting) pro-life judges on the federal bench. 

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