In new book, Evangelist Alveda King answers the question, Why Trump?

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October 07, 2020

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Why would a Black, Evangelical Christian, pro-life woman from the South become such an ardent supporter of a white, larger-than-life Northern business tycoon?

In her new book, Why Trump? Evangelist Alveda King details the reasons she came to support candidate Donald Trump in 2016 and how she has worked toward his re-election this year.

“In August of 2016,” she writes, “President Trump rocked the country by publicly addressing the elephant in America’s living rooms with a very candid observation. Black Americans had been exploited by the Democrat Party and pretty much ignored by the Republican. President Trump made a bold appeal: ‘Black people, I want your vote.’ He went on in classic Trumpian style, asking the question that many were likely thinking: ‘What do you have to lose?’

“I remember thinking this: Good question; but tell us also what we have to gain by voting for you.”

Ms. King also writes about the pro-life promises made by candidate Trump and details the promises kept by President Trump.

“Why Trump? I’m pro-life, and he’s the most pro-life president ever.”

Ms. King is the director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life. In his foreword for Why Trump? Father Frank Pavone, National Director, said of President Trump:

“This is a man who knows how to connect with the pro-life community, with the Faith community, and with the American people. You feel that connection, whether you’re listening to him address the nation or engage in a private conversation. It’s the reason he drew to the polls so many who had never voted before; it’s the reason why his political rallies have been met not only with cheers of ‘Four More Years,’ but with the unprecedented and now regular chant, ‘We love you!’”

Ms. King is the daughter of the Rev. A.D. King; niece of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and granddaughter of Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. She explains in Why Trump? how the lessons she learned from those civil rights giants led to her resolute support for the president.

“In many ways,” she writes, “I grew up watching President Donald John Trump from a distance. Somehow, just watching him move through life, with all of the ups and downs, without skipping a beat, was and still remains a source of encouragement to me. So, I guess it’s fair to say that part of the answer to Why Trump? for me is personal. POTUS has been a source of encouragement to many in times of transformation.”

Why Trump is currently available for pre-order at with Oct. 15 set as the official release date.

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