Priest to Religious Leaders and Voters: Stop Lying about our President!

Priests for Life

October 21, 2020

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TITUSVILLE, FL – Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, is calling on religious leaders and voters to raise their voices for honesty in the election process currently underway.

“It’s understandable not to have all the information about a candidate; it’s praiseworthy to admit what we don’t know and to seek new information. But it is baffling and reprehensible when people – including religious leaders and Democrat candidates for the highest offices in the land -- repeat lies that have been refuted multiple times,” Father Pavone said.

“I have published the web page, which exposes and refutes 12 of the most common lies about President Trump. There’s nothing unusual about the information I put here. I quote public sources, point people to articles and statements that have been published many times before. And that’s exactly my point. Any voter of good will can find this information easily with a few keystrokes on To repeat lies, therefore, indicates bad will,” Father Pavone said.

“And whatever one’s political persuasion, we should be able to agree that it’s time to reject bad will from our political process.”

In “Blowing Apart a Dozen Myths about President Trump,” Father Pavone lists common lies about the president – fake claims that he’s a white supremacist, or called the coronavirus a hoax, or disrespects women, or puts children in cages, etc. – and documents how the these myths have been repeatedly and persuasively debunked.

Father Pavone urges supporters of the President to use in their advocacy for his re-election.

“I want to empower people to spot a lie and then, if possible, challenge the person telling it,” he said. “Call or email reporters, tag them on social media, or write a letter to the editor. Let’s protect the president from those who have surrendered their integrity in their biased efforts to unseat him.”

Father Pavone also encouraged undecided voters to take this information into account, lest they base their voting decision on lies, and urged opponents of the president to come up with more honest arguments, if they are able.

“When Kamala Harris says President Trump didn’t have a plan to deal with the pandemic, or that he only paid $750 in taxes, and when Joe Biden calls him a racist, it is time for honest citizens to push back and insist these assertions, which have no basis in reality, be retracted. In short, Democrats need to stop lying. If they think the only way they can win votes is to so blatantly distort the truth, then it just shows how desperate they are and how unpersuasive their policy positions are.”

Finally, he urged religious leaders to echo his call for voters to stop committing rash judgment and calumny against the President, and to take a more sober and reasonable approach to assessing him and his policies.

“Urge people to do their homework, not to just jump on slogans,” Fr. Pavone said.

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