Priests for Life launches prayer campaign for pro-life success at SCOTUS

Priests for Life

May 20, 2021

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today announced the launch of a new prayer campaign centered on the US Supreme Court as it reviews a Mississippi abortion law.
“The case, Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Center, is the biggest abortion case the Supreme Court has heard in decades,” Father Pavone said. “The Court, which now includes three Justices appointed by President Trump, will determine whether it is constitutional to protect children from abortion prior to viability.”
The Mississippi law at the center of the case would protect babies from abortion from 15 weeks’ gestation on.
Father Pavone pointed out that several states have passed laws to protect babies before viability, approximately 22 weeks. And while courts have insisted states do have an interest in the life of the child throughout pregnancy, they continue to strike down as unconstitutional laws that protect babies before viability.
“That tension has to give,” he said. “If the states have an interest in the child’s life and want to protect the child, then why isn’t a law like Mississippi’s constitutional? This is what the justices will decide.”
Father Pavone has invited his followers to join him and the team at Priests for Life in saying his “Prayer for a Pro-Life Victory at the U.S. Supreme Court” from now until the day the case is decided. As individuals, families, pro-life groups and Churches commit to say the prayer and spread it to others, they are invited to sign up at to indicate that commitment.
Priests for Life is the world’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated exclusively to ending abortion. For more information, visit www.EndAbortion.US.

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