Politics and the Dobbs Case Bode Well for Opponents of Abortion

Priests for Life

November 03, 2021

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Voters have spoken!

The Democrats and their radical agenda aim to remake America against the wishes of the people they were elected to represent and the people have said NO. Among the agenda items Americans oppose most vigorously is expanded abortion access funded by their tax dollars.

It’s not hard to connect the dots between abortion and yesterday’s election outcomes.

  • A pro-life, first-time political candidate was elected over a seasoned politician, known for his abortion extremism – and proud of it -- to lead Virginia as governor. Democrat Terry McAuliffe made abortion a centerpiece of his campaign with multiple ads supporting it, while Glenn Youngkin exposed McAuliffe’s extremism on late-term abortion with a powerful ad of his own.
  • Republicans are set to take over the Virginia House of Delegates, where an uproar ensued in 2019 when a delegate introduced a bill she admitted would allow abortion up until a mother is in labor.
  • In surprising numbers, midnight blue New Jersey turned against incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy, whose campaign emphasized an expansion of abortion in a state that already has few protections for the unborn and their mothers.

“Pro-lifers have long said the right to life is the most fundamental human right, and America agrees,” said Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life.

“Next month the Supreme Court will hear a case that could lead to Roe v. Wade finally being wiped off the books. This both reflects and influences the strength of pro-life politics. Pro-life citizens and candidates are fired up to build on yesterday’s successes, to ensure that a victory in court is accompanied by legislative victories as well. We need pro-life majorities in the House and Senate. Our work begins today.”


Priests for Life is the world’s largest ministry in the Catholic Church focused exclusively on ending abortion, and will help lead activities in Washington D.C. on and around Dec. t when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the Dobbs case.

There is no denying that pro-life is winning.

From January through June 2021, there have been 561 abortion restrictions, including 165 abortion bans, introduced across 47 states.

The total number, rate, and ratio of reported abortions dropped to historic lows from 2009-2017.

Since Sept. 1, thanks to the Texas Heartbeat Act, abortions have virtually stopped in the nation’s second most populous state.

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