Video message aims to inspire all those who march and walk for life

Priests for Life

January 18, 2022

Father Frank Pavone, an internationally known pro-life leader and national director of Priests for Life, today released a video message, available at, for all pro-lifers who will be taking part in marches or walks for life in the coming weeks.

The events, scheduled across the nation, commemorate the Jan. 22, 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in all 50 states, throughout pregnancy and for any reason.

“We are a movement – the pro-life movement – and a movement by definition moves,” Father Pavone says in the 23-minute video. “That’s one of the things a march represents. A march also signifies that this is an effort by many people, all united by the same mission.”

Fr. Pavone is a recognized grassroots organizer in the pro-life movement; by his repeated travels to all fifty states for the last three decades, he has brought people into the movement and sustained their activity in every facet of pro-life work. Evangelist Alveda King, who served fulltime with Fr. Pavone since 2005, has said that as her uncle galvanized the Civil Rights Movement, so Fr. Pavone is doing today for the pro-life movement.

In this video, Fr. Pavone urges people to focus not just on the broad vision of “a culture of life” but on the specific mission of the pro-life movement. “The mission of the pro-life movement is to return protection to the children in the womb. We want to see abortion ended. We will keep doing this until the day comes when our unborn brothers and sisters enjoy the same protections that you and I have under the law.”

Father Pavone notes that it was in 1976, at the third annual March for Life in the nation’s capital, when he became inspired to dedicate his life to fighting abortion.

“I have marched with many of you in your own communities, and many of you in D.C. and San Francisco,” he says. “By marching, we inspire others to do more to protect the unborn.”

Go to to see and share the video.

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