Fr. Pavone: For hard-core supporters, abortion is a sacrament

Priests for Life

Publication Date: May 11, 2022

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TITUSVILLE, FL - Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, commented this week on the bizarre and violent action of pro-abortion advocates against churches and pro-life organizations, and their pressure tactics against Supreme Court Justices.

“First of all, the abortion advocates obviously don’t believe their own rhetoric about Roe being ‘settled law’ and about most Americans agreeing with it. If that were true, they could just relax, because the leaked Alito opinion would still allow lawmakers to keep abortion legal.

“But abortion advocates don’t believe the democratic lawmaking process would work in their favor. Nor have they had to use that process to obtain the so-called legal ‘right’ to abortion, because the Supreme Court handed it to them on a silver platter. Having been treated like spoiled children, they now act like spoiled children when that platter is about to be removed. Rather than attacking churches, defacing pregnancy centers, bombing pro-life offices, pressuring justices at their homes, and promising more violence, they should engage the legislative process in a peaceful and patient like mature Americans do.

“Furthermore, their disruption of church services reveals that for the hard-core supporters of unlimited abortion, abortion is a sacrament, abortion-on-demand is a dogma, and the abortion clinic is their house of worship. From the very inception of the abortion industry, they have made the Catholic Church and other religious groups ‘the bad guy.’ What we call religious freedom they call discrimination. It’s unfortunate that they do not engage the rational arguments for the humanity and rights of children in the womb.”

Fr. Frank also addressed today’s cloture vote in the U.S. Senate on the Women’s Health Protection Act:

“The divide on abortion in Congress has become a well-defined political divide with practical unanimity on both sides. Democrats want to eliminate any restrictions on abortion, including the most reasonable and widely-supported ones like parental involvement laws, which would be threatened by this new legislation. This is not surprising, given that an attack on parental rights across the board has become a hallmark of today’s Democrat Party.

“They know they don’t have the votes to pass this bill, which is the most radical pro-abortion bill Congress has ever taken up. But if they think there’s going to be some political advantage in today’s exercise, they are sadly mistaken. Americans reject abortion extremism, and as post-election polling has demonstrated over the years, pro-life Americans out-vote pro-abortion Americans by significant margins in Congressional elections.”

Fr. Frank Pavone, a national fulltime leader in the pro-life movement for 30 years, continues to help shape the pro-life response to the Dobbs case, the leaked draft opinion, and the eventual implications of the case for the pro-life cause. Learn more about him and his work at www.EndAbortion.US


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