Pavone: FBI fears Catholics who bring faith to the public square

Priests for Life

Publication Date: April 12, 2023

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TITUSVILLE, FL -- Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone released the following statement today about the FBI’s reported efforts to investigate traditional Catholics as possible domestic terrorists:

“The idea that the FBI is using Catholic parishes and dioceses to continue to weaponize its power against patriotic believers is indeed disturbing, but not at all surprising,” Pavone said. “It is completely consistent, first of all, with the behavior and attitudes of the current Democrat party leadership, which has no regard at all for freedom, faith, or America. It despises the people and wants power for itself, not them.

“But what should disturb people even more is that this news is completely consistent with the behavior of many diocesan officials and Catholic bishops in the United States, and in the Vatican. They are Democrats at prayer, and radical Democrats at that.

“I know from decades of personal experience, the disdain that they have for conservative politics, and for pro-life and patriotic citizens. Moreover, they operate with no transparency or accountability.

“The concern here for the FBI is not at all theological or doctrinal. It is, instead, the fear of Catholics who put their faith into practice in the political and public policy arenas. The Left should be concerned about that, because the outcome of Catholic principles properly applied would be to put an end to the Democrat agenda, which is Marxism, pure and simple.”

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