So, you say you’re Pro-Life

August 17, 2023 - Citizens for a New Louisiana (News Story)

Michael Lunsford

Document Publication: Citizens for a New Louisiana

Publication Date: August 17, 2023

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Studying the psychology of people can be the source of endless inquiry. This kind of study doesn’t require a trip to college or taking any class. No. Anyone can perform these studies from the comfort of their favorite chair, patio, or park bench. Let’s begin by placing ourselves in historical times and pretend we’d take a different position than the majority on controversial issues of the day.

For example, an endless supply of people today claim they would have been a strong and vocal opponent of human slavery if they had been alive in the early nineteenth century. The same can be said of the actual civil rights movement of the mid-twentieth century. However, the passions surrounding those long-decided issues have faded. The political climate today is much different than it was back then. In all likelihood, at the moment it mattered most, these self-proclaimed champions would be overtaken with fear. Taking such positions back then, regardless of any moral superiority, could have cost their job, a client, or affected their life’s prospects. In short, in the face of overwhelming opposition they’d have remained silent. How do we know?

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