Pro-Life Leader Calls on Pro-Life Americans to Support Bishop Joseph Strickland

September 12, 2023 - (News Story)


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Publication Date: September 12, 2023

A leading pro-life advocate is calling on pro-life Americans to support Bishop Joseph Strickland in the wake of news reports indicating Pope Francis will ask the steadfastly pro-life bishop to resign.

As LifeNews reported yesterday, after the Vatican undertook an investigation of one of the most popular Catholic bishops in America, who is also one of the most outspokenly pro-life bishops, Pope Francis will reportedly calling the Catholic bishop to resign.

In June, the Vatican launched an apostolic visitation to the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, and Bishop Joseph Strickland. The reasons for the investigation of Bishop Strickland were unclear, but appear to resolve around his social media posts — where he actively challenges abortion, takes on leftist woke culture and even questions the Catholic Church when he believes it is going the wrong direction.

Responding to the potential that Strickland will be asked to step down, Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone is urging Christians of all denominations to stand up for Strickland. Pavone ewants pro-life Christians to stand in solidarity with Bishop Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. In a letter released this morning, Pavone wrote:

“We need spiritual leaders who, like Bishop Strickland, are not afraid to call out politicians – like Joe Biden – for their support of child-killing and for trying to say that promoting abortion is compatible with Christian Faith. It is not and will never be.

We need spiritual leaders who, like Bishop Strickland, are not afraid to participate publicly in gatherings that object to the blasphemy committed by the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” in Dodgers Stadium.”

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