Joseph Kennedy III's 'Do No Harm Act' Needs Miracle


Kimberly Atkins

  Boston Herald

Exerpt below. Read the entire article at the Boston Herald.

WASHINGTON — Rep. Joseph Kennedy III and other Democratic lawmakers are pushing back on what they call attempts to circumvent anti-discrimination laws and other protections under the guise of religious freedom.

But it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

In a presidential year, with Congress locked in a partisan stalemate and even the U.S. Supreme Court hopelessly deadlocked, this measure doesn’t have a prayer.


The Rev. Frank A. Pavone of Priests for Life said that on one hand, Kennedy “is right — it makes sense to say that I can exercise my religious freedom, but in doing so I cannot take away the fundamental rights of someone else.”

But the legislation is the wrong way to address­ that, he said, because courts can’t be the judge of individuals’ faith.

“When it comes to the matter of religious freedom, we are going to the core of the human­ conscience, the human soul,” Pavone said. “How are you going to dispute that?”