Fr. Pavone asks all Americans to make ending abortion “priority number one”


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TITUSVILLE, FL -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today issued an urgent call for every American to become involved in the pro-life movement – even to the point of giving up careers to work full-time toward ending abortion.

“The call is to everyone, to do as much as is humanly possible in this most urgent human rights cause of our day,” Father Pavone said in a live broadcast on EndAbortion.TV and dozens of other platforms this morning.

Calling abortion “the most urgent social and moral problem we face,” Father Pavone said “fighting and ending abortion is priority number one, both for the Church, the state, the family, and each of us individually.”

Touching on other social justice issues of the day, Father Pavone said:

“We will never build a society that feeds the poor if we refuse to feed our own children; we will never teach children to stop killing other children (by gun violence) until parents stop killing children by abortion; we will never teach society to stop killing the guilty (by capital punishment) until we stop killing the innocent by abortion; we will never learn to welcome immigrants across the border if we cannot welcome children across the border of the womb; and we will never maintain peace between nations if we cannot maintain peace between a mother and her own child.

“Both reason and compassion call us to put first things first. We must end abortion.”

The call to action asks people in every profession to use their skills in ways that will benefit the unborn and further the cause to end abortion.

“Many are being called to leave their professions and take those professional skills and devote them to the cause of protecting the unborn, and I want to say today that it is time to answer that call,” he said.

Father Pavone’s call comes at a time when some states are passing laws that protect babies even at the earliest stages of pregnancy, while others are extending abortion access through all nine months of pregnancy and eliminating protections for babies who survive abortion.

“This is the pro-life moment in America,” Father Pavone said, “and while this issue has always deserved the full-time commitment of our citizens, there has never been a more appropriate or urgent moment for such a commitment than now, nor ever a moment that had more promise for the fruits of such a commitment.”


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