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Defending Life

Defending Life Season 25

This series on EWTN features Executive Director Janet Morana, with co-host Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A., Associate Director, as they discuss pro-life strategies and interview fascinating guests.

Airing Schedule: Watch on EWTN, Wednesdays at 2:30am and Thursdays at 11pm ET.  Listen on EWTN Radio Saturdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 5am. (All times Eastern)  See our media schedule to find the topic for each week.

Help us promote this series.  Click here to download a promotional flier to print and distribute.

Free products offered this season: Mass cards for the living and deceased and The Will to Live

Also, pray along with us throughout the year with our newly revised pro-life prayer book, “In the Palm of His Hand.” You’ll find prayers for all occasions and liturgical seasons.


Episode 1:  Things the Abortion Industry Does.Episode 1:  Elections.  Pope Francis urged us not to be afraid of ‘making trouble’ in order to advance the Gospel. What does that say about our approach to elections? 

Action Items:

1. Study the Bishops document on political responsibility by using the Living the Gospel of Life Study Guide
2. Refer to  for the latest information on the elections. 
3. Conduct non-partisan voter registration in your Church.

Featured Products:

Brochures: 1) Voting with a Clear Conscience Brochure.  2) Caesar Must Obey God 3) Are You A Single Issues Person 4) Religious Beliefs Abortion & The Law


Episode 2: History of Recovering Aborted Babies for Burial.Episode 2: Update on RU-486 Reversal.  Find new meaning to the phrase, ‘It’s not too late,’ and you’ll see how those can be words that save a life from abortion.

Guest: George Delgado, M.D.

Action Items: Get the word out to sidewalk counselors that RU-486 can be reversed. Encourage the Prolife doctor in your community to contact Dr Delgado about being listed on the website:

Featured Product: The Catholic View For Women Season 3 DVDs


Episode 3: Priests For Life’s Global OutreachEpisode 3: RU486 Reversal, Baby Saved!  There are many ways to save a baby from abortion, even after the abortion has begun! On this episode of Defending Life find out how!

Guest: Matthew P. Harrison, M.D., North Carolina Family Practice Physician

Action: Dr. Matthew P. Harrison will give concrete things we can do when we hear of a women who takes RU486 and changes her mind.

Featured Product: Recall Abortion by Janet Morana


Episode 4: The Youth That Survived Roe: Roe Will Not Survive ThemEpisode 4: Closing Abortion Clinics.  Abortion clinics are closing, but it's not automatic and it's not by magic. Learn how the abortion industry's worst nightmares are coming true.

Guest: Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue

Featured Product: Recall Abortion by Janet Morana


Reaching the Black CommunityEpisode 5: I Aborted Motherhood and Helped Others Do The Same!  What kind of health facility would allow today’s guest to wear a white coat and stethoscope, and take care of patients alone without knowing anything about medical issues?

Guest: Catherine Adair, Former Employee Planned Parenthood of Boston

Action: Be on the lookout for former providers and spread the word that the place to point them is Priests for Life, which provides help through the Centurions. Sign them up for

Featured Product: Recall Abortion by Janet Morana


Recall AbortionEpisode 6: Words of Encouragement From Down Under.  Some say there’s more than one Catholic teaching on abortion, but this bishop and theologian says the case is closed and the faithful should be encouraged!

Guest: Bishop Anthony Fisher, O.P., Bishop of the Diocese of Parramatta, Australia and Professor of Moral Theology & Bioethics John Paul ll Institute, Melbourne

Featured Product: Saint John Paul ll Prayer Cards

Action Item: Join and promote The Missionaries of the Gospel of Life (MEV), because this is the spirituality of pro-life that keeps people encouraged and strengthened.  Contact Priests for Life at 888-735-3448 for the formation booklet.


Episode 7: Understanding Miscarriage.Episode 7: HHS Mandate, Priests for Life Fighting Back and Lessons Learned!  Of all the groups that challenged the HHS mandate, which ones were best suited to carry the torch?

Guest: Robert Muise, Esq., American Freedom Law Center

Action: Spread the testimonies found in The Contraception of GriefOther resources on this topic include, Preaching on Contraception brochure and Humanae Vitae Study Guide.

Featured Product: Rosary for Life CD


Episode 8: Women Murdered in Abortion ClinicsEpisode 8: Baby Saved By Silent No More Testimonies in Canada!  It's never been easier to save a life than it is today, and you'll be amazed at how this one was saved.

Guests: Angelina Steenstra, National Coordinator of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign Canada along with
Debbie Fisher and Margarita from Ontario.

Action: Sign the Recall Abortion petition

Featured Product:  Recall Abortion by Janet Morana


Episode 9: Abortion and the United Nations. Episode 9: Regretting My Abortion Led Me to Be A Voice For the Unborn! Meet the woman whose life’s mission has been to bring people a window to our hidden neighbor in the womb!

Guests: Shari Richard, R.D.M.S, Founder of Sound Wave Images

Action: Promote the imagery Shari provides and the embryoscopy imagery – 

Featured Product:  Recall Abortion by Janet Morana


Episode 10: Late Term Abortion, Yes It Is Legal Through All 9 Months! Episode 10: Diversity in the Pro-Life Movement.  What happens when people disagree about pro-life strategy? Does the Church require that there be only one strategy?

Guest: Fr. John Fleming, Professor of Bioethics, Adelaide, Australia, and member of the Pontifical Academy for Life

Featured Product:  The Catholic View For Women Season 3 DVDs


Episode 11: Making Progress on the State Level.Episode 11: Myths, Men & Abortion!  Much of popular opinion about men and abortion is a myth. You can change the lives of men you speak to by what you will learn.

Guests: Scott Miller from Manitoba, Canada and Chuck Raymond from Missouri

Action: Spread this resource for finding healing programs - and the see a website for post-abortive men at

Featured Products:  Myths, Men & Abortion brochure & What’s So Bad About Abortion brochure.


Episode 12: Couples Being Silent No More… Part 1Episode 12: Silent No More at the Walk for Life!  They were freed from the prison of shame and self-hatred, and they can give you the tools to be free, and to free many others.

Guest: Carol Marie from Nevada and Karen from Arizona.

Action: Promote unborn memorials on the Silent No More Awareness website and at

Featured Product:  The Theology of Abortion e-book by Fr. Frank.  Contact Priests for Life at 888-735-3448 to obtain it.


Episode 1:  Things the Abortion Industry DoesEpisode 13: Generation Life.  God has put a wonderful spirit in the young to fight for life and for purity. On this episode, you will see more evidence of how true that is!

Guest:  Christina Barba, Generation Life

Featured Product: My Children Don’t Practice The Faith! What Do I Do? Contact Priests for Life at 888-735-3448 for your copy of this free pamphlet.

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