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Defending Life Season 12 (2007)

The twelfth season of Fr. Frank Pavone's "Defending Life" programs, taped in the summer of 2006, began airing on Friday, March 2, 2007.  Watch on EWTN every Friday at 10:00pm ET and every Saturday at 2:30 am ET.  Listen on EWTN radio every Friday at 1am ET, Saturday at 6:30pm ET and Sunday at 5am ET.      

This series has a new feature - "From the mail bag" - where Fr. Frank answers questions from the viewers.         

The theme of each program is as follows:

Episode 1: Voting with a Clear ConscienceTen Easy Steps to Voting with a Clear Conscience.

Action Segment: Write letters to the editor.  With media, “think small” – this may be counterintuitive, but people read small local papers and you’ll get in more easily. Have a date marked on your calendar to send in your monthly letter or your regular press release. Use the occasion of your pro-life meeting to send in a letter as a group.

Featured Product: A Life that Matters: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo - A Lesson for Us All Written by Terri's family.

Episode 2: Political Responsibilities of Christians.  For those who want to change the world – a time-tested method.

Action Segment: Lobby Your Elected Officials. Find about current legislation from National Right to Life at  More resources are available from Priests for Life by clicking here.

Featured Products:  Study guide to Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life).

Episode 3: This is My Body.  Explore with Fr. Frank, one of the most striking and moving spiritual ironies ever.

Action Segment:

Featured Product:  This is My Body Brochure in English and SpanishThis is My Body DVD.

Episode 4: Priests for Life Canada. Guest: Fr. Jim Whalen, National Director of Priests for Life, Canada.

Action Segment: Get Choose Life License plates.  See

Featured Product: Contraception of Grief book.

Episode 5: The Silent No More Awareness Campaign in Canada.  Guest: Angelina Steenstra, Regional Coordinator for the Campaign in Canada.

Action Segment:  Priests for Life has matched every Catholic church in American with an abortion mill.  Please pray for the mill assigned to you. It is especially important to physically go to the mill to pray.  Click here for more information.

Featured Product: Ending Abortion; Not Just Fighting It book. By Fr. Frank Pavone                        

Episode 6: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Lay AssociatesGuest: Jim Pinto, National Coordinator for the Lay Associates.

Action Segment: Show the Graphic Images, see  Promote this link everywhere! Email it, get websites to link to it, put it in newsletters, etc. Read the testimonies from those who have viewed the images.  Volunteer to drive trucks with graphic abortion images on them, see for more information.  Help with campus displays of graphic images.

Featured Product: Voting with a Clear Conscience booklet.  

Episode 7: Christians Influencing Hollywood.  Guest: Jonathan Flora, Hollywood director and writer.

Action Segment:  Give your parish and the responsible people in it, and all your priests and deacons, information on three parish resources.   1) Free weekly, pro-life liturgical resources.  This consists of general intercessions, bulletin inserts and homily hints.  Subscribe at; 2) link from your parish website to the Priests for Life website; 3) Invite Priests for Life to visit you parish.  Email

Featured Product:  Addressing Abortion with Confidence booklet and Preaching on Abortion booklet.  These and more resources are available in a Clergy Pack.

Episode 8: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life: An Apostolic Society.  Guest: Daniel Cochran, Seminarian for the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.

Action Segment:  Organize a community literature drop.  Get students, a group of friends or one friend and take the photos of abortion, the diagrams, or any pro-life literature of your choosing.  Communicate the pro-life message to your neighbor. Don’t put the literature in a mailbox, but rather on the door or on a car. You could also stand on public property outside of the Church.  For flavor, notify the local media that this is being done. You’ll get reaction, especially if you are distributing graphic images.  Notify the small local papers as well.

Featured Product:  See for Yourself DVD

Episode 9: Good Counsel Homes.  Guest: Chris Bell, Founder & President.

Action Segment:  Discourage local doctors from doing abortions.  Undertake an effort to expose them.  Find out if a doctor does abortions by trying to make an appointment – it’s not a lie; you’re just asking if you can make an appointment. What if it were a clinic with appointments to kill 3-year olds? Would you hesitate to try to make an appointment in order to expose them? Yes? Then what’s the difference?

Featured Product:  Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church book

Episode 10: Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

Action SegmentPromote the Daily Prayer Campaign to End Abortion.  See  Schools can say it at start of day, or at least once a week or once a month over the PA system. Home school groups could say the prayer.  Place the prayer in Eucharistic adoration chapels.  Parishes can say the Prayer to End Abortion before or after Masses.  Put the prayer inside of hymnals, or suggest it for conclusion of intercessions; prayer groups, bible studies, RCIA program, youth group meetings – at least make sure those responsible know about it!!!  Eucharistic Ministers could take it to the homebound too.

Featured Product: Silent No More Awareness products

Episode 11: The Embryonic Moment.

Action Segment:  Get pro-life speakers into public schools by having your children request them!!!  Work through solid youth ministers or religious education teachers to identify the most committed public school students.  The same goes for universities.

Featured Product: A Distant Thunder DVD. 

Episode 12: Elections, Churches and the Law

Action Segment: We will tell you things to say and do for someone you know who has had an abortion.  One thing you can do is give them a brochure for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign or Rachel's Vineyard.

Featured Product: Earth's Trash; Heaven's Treasure Painting.

Episode 13: Responding to Common Arguments and What is Priests for Life?

Action Segment:

Featured Product: Pro-Life Answers booklet by Mark Crutcher

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