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Defending Life Season 15 (2009)

The fifteenth season of Fr. Frank Pavone's "Defending Life" program, taped in the Winter of 2009, will begin on Friday, September 4, 2009. 

Watch on EWTN every Friday at 10:00pm ET and every Saturday at 2:30 am ET.  Listen on EWTN radio every Friday at 1am ET, Saturday at 6:30pm ET and Sunday at 5am ET.    

See www.askfrfrank.com for questions that will be addressed on this series.

For more ideas on how to take action to end abortion see www.priestsforlife.org/action.

Order a free set of pro-life action cards at 888-735-3448 or orders@priestsforlife.org.

Invite our speakers to your area!

The theme of each episode is as follows:

Episode 1: Worshiping the God of Life

Description: Fr. Frank reviews the basics of the abortion issue and the strategy of the Pro-life movement and of Priests for Life in particular.

Featured Products:

  • Raise Your Hand Brochure.  This brochure asks everyone who is against abortion to raise their hand. Upon opening the brochure, it becomes clear that the hand you see in partial view from the front is actually the hand of a child killed by abortion. Raise Your Hand will help people young and old to face the humanity of these children killed by abortion, and to extend their own hands in practical help.
  • Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting It. In this collection of stirring and informative pro-life essays, Fr. Pavone convincingly portrays the negative ramifications that the abuse of freedom and the right to choose have unleashed on our society since abortion was legalized. Fr. Pavone insists that people of goodwill can end the scourge of abortion and restore the right to life for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Action Items:

Ask Fr. Frank: Don't you think it's time to see the church excommunicate Catholics directly involved in abortion? Whether it's a politician supporting it or an abortionist, it's time for the Church to make a stand and get rid of these people. - Brian from Kansas

Additional Resources:

  • Go to www.ProLifeStrategy.com and share your expertise or to get help to become more involved in the pro-life movement.
  • Pregnancy help line - 1-800-712-HELP (4357)

Episode 2: Being Pro-life under a Pro-abortion Regime

Description: A discussion of the new climate in Washington, DC under a pro-abortion Presidential Administration and Congress and why more people than ever came to the 2009 March for Life to stand for life.

Featured Products:

  • Free pro-life liturgical resources available by email.  This weekly email contains the General Intercessions for Mass – with a prayer for a culture of life each week, homily hints based on the Sunday readings and also a paragraph of pro-life commentary that can be included in the parish bulletin.  Subscribe at clergy@priestsforlife.org.
  • Living the Gospel of Life Study Guide.  This study guide was written to assist parishes and individuals to understand the Bishops' teaching.

Action Item: Volunteer for your local pro-life group and invite pro-life speakers to speak to your groups.  If you want to volunteer at a pregnancy center, you can find one at www.pregnancycenters.org.

Ask Fr. Frank: I have heard many times that we are not a single-issue Church and that issues such as racism, torture, genocide, immigration, war, and the impact of the economic downturn deserve consideration in the voting booth in addition to abortion. Why should I vote pro-life when there are so many other things wrong in the world? - Peggy from Indiana

Additional Resources:

Episode 3: Are Humans Special?

Description: Wesley Smith talks about why, in all creation, humans truly are exceptional.

Guest: Wesley J. Smith is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a lawyer for the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture, author of the book, Forced Exit and the blog, Second Hand Smoke.

Featured Products:

Action Item: Conduct voter registration drives and communicate with your elected officials.  To reach your Congressman and Senators, call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  Be sure to memorize this number.

Ask Fr. Frank: Various estimates are that perhaps 50% of the abortions would not happen if the major churches in this world would advocate voluntary, non-abortive contraception. If you are truly pro-life priests, how can you not support and advocate voluntary, non-abortive contraception? –Jerome from Michigan

Additional Resources:

Episode 4: The Salesmen of Death

Description: Wesley Smith talks about Euthanasia.  Some people will sell anything, including death itself. 

Guest: Wesley J. Smith is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a lawyer for the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture, author of the book, Forced Exit and the blog, Second Hand Smoke.

Featured Products:

Action Item: Use You Tube, My Space and Facebook to get out the pro-life message.

Ask Fr. Frank: I know that a certain percentage of tax revenue is used to fund abortions, both domestically and now abroad with the reversal of the Mexico City Policy. Would a taxpayer be morally culpable in abortion by paying their taxes? What do you recommend to pro-life Christians who hate abortion and who also have to consider abiding by the laws of their country? –Christopher from Louisiana

Episode 5: How I Said Yes to Life

Episode 6: Unexpected Blessing

Episode 7: Reflections on Cardinal O’Connor

Description: Mary Ward, Cardinal O’Connor’s Sister gives a unique look into the life of the Cardinal.

Featured Product: Pro-Life Reflections for Every day by Fr. Frank Pavone.  Being pro-life is a daily commitment. Now, you can include in your daily prayer life a special pro-life reflection written by Fr. Frank Pavone. For each day of the year, there is a quote from Scripture or from the Gospel of Life, followed by a reflection and then by a short prayer. It includes reflections on various feasts and seasons of the year, pro-life saints, healing after abortion, activism, political responsibility, and simple activities we can do to save lives each day.

Ask Fr. Frank: My priest is not doing or saying anything about abortion. How can I get my priests to preach the Gospel of Life? – Christine and Gregg from North Carolina

Episode 8: Forgiven and Set Free

Description: Mary Kominsky from the Silent No More Awareness Campaign shares her abortion testimony.

Featured Product: Spanish Resources.  Covering topics like the Bible’s teaching about abortion, and the responsibilities we have in the political arena, these brochures are excellent for parishes that have Spanish masses, and for those who minister to the Hispanic community. These brochures are written in a way that the text can easily be quoted on websites, in newsletters, and in parish bulletins.

Action Item: Observe Terri’s Day every March 31 in honor of Terri Schiavo. Find more information at www.terrisday.org.  To get more involved, see her family’s website at www.TerrisFight.org.

Ask Fr. Frank: One of my friends is experiencing a crisis pregnancy and thinking about abortion. What can I do to convince her to choose life? - Paige from Arizona

Additional Resource:  If someone is facing a crisis pregnancy refer them to 800-712-HELP or www.pregnancycenters.org

Episode 9: Giving Witness to Healing

Description: Mary Kominsky talks about how she was brought into action by leading a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat team, speaking out with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign as a Regional Coordinator and bringing her post-abortion testimony onto a college campus and into her work in campus ministry. You too can become a Regional Coordinator with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.  See www.silentnomoreawareness.org for more information.

Featured Products:

African American Outreach Brochure -  This brochure, produced under the guidance of our Director of African American Outreach, Dr. Alveda King – niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. – provides some of the most important things that we all need to know about how abortion impacts the black community, and some key quotes that show that the civil rights movement of today is the pro-life movement.

Latter Rain DVD.  Alveda King's pro-life music CD, Latter Rain, shows an inspiring story of the strength to choose life.

Contraception of Grief  - This book exposes the pain that so many women endure when they realize that the contraceptives they used caused the deaths of their children. This book is for women, men, pastors, doctors and all who minister to the family.

Action Item: Expose Level 2 abortionists.  Level 2 abortionists are those who dabble in abortion.  They are OBGYN's who perform abortions but abortion is not the bulk of their practice and they do not want anyone to know they perform them.  Threaten to expose them as an abortionist and most likely they will stop.

Ask Fr. Frank: I had an IUD implanted and I experienced two late periods while using the IUD. I know now that those two late periods were two lost children and I am feeling great remorse. How do I receive the absolution I desperately need and start to feel better? - Beverly from Illinois

Additional Resource: Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II

Episode 10: Surrounded by Love

Description: The Oswald Family talks about raising a child with special needs.

Featured Products: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Lay Associates Brochure and Manual.  Priests for Life has developed a pro-life spirituality to help you to be a Missionary of the Gospel of Life. Drawn from Scripture, Church teaching, and the example of pro-life saints, this spirituality is summarized in our brochure and manual for the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life. These materials also explain how you can receive deeper training in living the pro-life spirituality each day by joining our association and meeting others who are likewise committed to the cause of life.  www.priestsforlife.org/store

Action Item: Practice Conscientious Objection at abortion mills. Some 90% of abortions are performed outside of hospitals. Like any facility, these abortion mills require servicing from a wide range of people. When the roof leaks, someone is called to fix it. When the heat or air conditioning fails, someone is called to service it. When the copy machine is broken, someone is called to repair it, etc.. Don't provide services for these facilities and ask others not to.

Ask Fr. Frank: I read that President Clinton reduced abortion even with pro-abortion policies. The key to ending abortion is a welcoming community, not banning the procedure. Why do we need to pass laws restricting abortion or making it illegal? –John from West Virginia

Episode 11: Blessed to be Alive

Description: See how Mary Oswald (Legal Center for the Defense of Life) despite her disability, is a pro-life activist and powerful voice for the unborn

Featured Product: Ending Abortion Not Just Fighting It Book By Fr Frank.  Whether you are brand new to the pro-life movement or have been a seasoned pro-life activist for decades, you will find new insights and inspiration in Fr. Frank Pavone’s book Ending Abortion, Not Just Fighting It.  In this book, Fr. Frank links the abortion issue to various aspects of Scripture, doctrine, liturgy, and practical daily life. There are answers to common arguments, ideas for things we can do for pro-life activity, personal testimonies, a call to political responsibility, and much more.

Action Item: Wear the Silent No More Awareness Campaign buttons that say, Women Do Regret Abortion, I regret my abortion, and I Regret Lost Fatherhood. Wearing these will engage others in dialogue.

Ask Fr. Frank: I find graphic images to be highly disturbing and I do not want my children to see them. Why do you feel the need to display pictures of abortion? –Jess from New Mexico

Episode 12: Being A Missionary for Life

Description: Fr. Frank and Janet discuss the fact that pro-life work is for the laity as much as for clergy.

Guest: James Pinto, MEV, Pastoral Associate, Priests for Life and National Coordinator of the Lay Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.  Jim Pinto also works with a Pregnancy Resource Center, www.herchoicebirmingham.org

Featured Products:

Will To Live.  Are you confident that the right medical and moral decisions will be made for you if the time comes that you cannot speak for yourself? You can protect yourself by completing the legal document called the "Will to Live.”  This document, prepared for each state, enables you to select a trusted person who can speak for you in the event that you cannot communicate. The Will to Live makes it clear that you do not want to violate the Church’s teachings, but rather that you want to receive the type of care that is morally appropriate in your circumstances.

Missionaries of the Gospel of Life introductory brochure - Learn about the Lay Society of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.

Pro-Life Examination of Conscience brochure - Use these questions to reflect on how you can be a more effective pro-life advocate.

Action Items: Invite friends into your home and have your own pro-life gathering. Show a pro-life video like Defending Life. 

Ask Fr. Frank: I get mail and updates from almost one hundred pro-life groups. Why doesn’t the pro-life movement unite into one organization? –John from Ohio

Episode 13: Demographic Winter

Description: Guest Don Feder talks about his film "Demographic Winter." The “population bomb” not only did not have the predicted consequences, but almost all of the developed countries of the world are now experiencing fertility rates far below replacement levels. www.demographicwinter.com

Featured Products:

Pro-life Answers Booklet.  At some point, we all have to explain or defend our pro-life convictions. Don’t get caught with nothing to say. Why not have at your fingertips a booklet that answers all the common pro-abortion arguments? Priests for Life and Life Dynamics have put together that resource. When others have questions, it’s time to be the person with the answers!

Earth's Trash; Heaven's Treasure painting - This is a pro-life masterpiece that has moved countless people around the world. See how babies are taken by angels from abortion-mill dumpsters into the playground of heaven. Great to post in Churches, pregnancy centers, offices and homes.

Action Items: Taking the information from Demographic Winter into everyday discussions.

Ask Fr. Frank: I want to start sidewalk counseling at my local abortion mill so that I can save more lives. Where can I learn how to effectively sidewalk counsel and what laws govern my activity? –Kate from New York

Additional Resources: For more information on sidewalk counseling see www.prolifeaction.org and www.helpersbrooklynny.org.  Let us know what you are doing - fill out the form on www.priestsforlife.org/action


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