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"Defending Life" Season 7 (2002)

From July 9-13, 2001, Fr. Frank Pavone taped the seventh series of 13 brand new episodes of "Defending Life," his television series on abortion. Airing on the world's largest religious cable network, EWTN, this series has brought countless people to a deep pro-life conviction, and has helped those who already have that conviction to translate it into effective action. Furthermore, the series has helped clergy throughout the world preach and teach the sanctity of life. Above all, lives have been saved as a result of these programs.

Following are short summaries of each episode.

Show 1) Jill Stanek: Testimony on Live Birth Abortions at Christ Hospital.

Hear this nurse explain how she discovered, in the hospital where she works, that babies marked for abortion are being killed after they are delivered.

Show 2) Alveda King Tookes

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks in this program about the connections between the Civil Rights Movement and the Pro-life Movement.

Show 3) Preparing future Priests for the Pro-life Battle

Fr. Frank interviews two seminarians, John Cyr, President of Seminarians for Life, and Eric Bowman, Director of Seminarian Life Link.

Show 4) Strategic Overview

What does the pro-life movement need to do next in terms of developing it strategy, and what have we learned since 1973?

Show 5) Exposing the Injustice

Every movement of social reform has courageously exposed the injustice against which it was fighting. The pro-life movement cannot expect success if it avoids exposing what abortion looks like.

Show 6) Graphic Images

The graphic reality of abortion is being exposed on campuses and roadways across America, and with inspiring success.

Show 7) Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Martin Luther King and his associates deliberately created constructive tension in a society that had become comfortable with injustice. How can the pro-life movement learn from him?

Show 8) Holocaust & Abortion

The engineers of the Holocaust devised new ways of killing to reduce stress on the killers. Abortionists do the same.

Show 9) Freedom of Speech

In this show, Fr. Frank examines Supreme Court cases which assert that free speech is still free even when it upsets and offends children and adults. Pro-life people who expose the injustice of abortion are therefore on solid Constitutional ground when they do so.

Show 10) Freedom of Religion

Some defend abortion under the rubric of "freedom of religion." In this show, Fr. Frank examines how the Courts have ruled that "freedom of religion" cannot be invoked to destroy life.

Show 11) Fetal Pain

Fr. Frank summarizes the research which shows that unborn babies are far more likely to experience pain earlier than is commonly thought.

Show12 and 13) Abortion and the Constitution Part 1 and 2

Fr. Frank reviews the research done by Fr. Clifford Stevens and the National Organization for Embryonic Law. Roe vs. Wade must be attacked on Constitutional grounds. Through legal research and attendant litigation, the rights of the unborn must be established by the development of a new "moment" in Constitutional law, namely, "Embryonic law." Such developments have happened before, affecting Native Americans, slaves, workers, and children.



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