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Fr. Frank Pavone on Fox News Laura Ingraham show
AM 1260 The Rock, a Catholic station in Cleveland Fr. Frank Pavone, President of Priests for Life, as he discusses the upcoming election and its ramifications.
Listen to Father Frank Pavone and Jacob Barr of The ProLife Team Podcast talk about controversial signage on the sidewalk, the spiritual battlefield based on Ephesians and the importance of voting in November.
Fr. Frank takes us into his column regarding the Supreme Court Decision to not hear a case on 'personhood.'
Fr. Frank Pavone, founder and President of Priests for Life, talks about US Supreme Court Abortion Case: Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. And also how we should prepare for the November 2022 elections — A Prayer for our Nation as we Prepare to Elect our Leaders.
Father Frank Pavone, national director for Priests for Life, told Newsmax he wants more protections for babies seen on ultrasounds.
Theresa Burke on Currents TV, the news show of the Diocese of Brooklyn
Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life declared, “The Anti-life Tyranny of Roe v Wade is Over! But the battle for the soul of America is just beginning…This is a day I’ve worked toward for 47 years and I am so grateful. Grateful to President Trump for appointing justices who respect both the U.S. Constitution and the sanctity of human life; grateful for the work of the pro-life movement for never losing sight of the goal, and grateful to God for allowing this day. We still have work to do but this decision will save countless lives.” Father Frank Pavone, president of Priests for Life, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the Dobbs case, which has overturned Roe. The “right to life” is announced in the Declaration of Independence.
Janet talks about the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade and her new book, Everything You Need to Know about Abortion, for Teens.
The U.S. Supreme Court …the day the justices shut down Roe v. Wade. Protestors at a distance; while the court is surrounded by police and security fencing. For the millions of people who’ve been fighting for the pro-life movement; across the 50 years since Roe v Wade; today was their day to celebrate
Amid Nancy Pelosi being banned from Holy Communion, Father Frank Pavone RIPS President Joe Biden's use of church for "political gain" and explains exactly why Pelosi is banned - via. "Rob Schmitt Tonight" on Newsmax.
In 2005, the Terri Schiavo story riveted the world. New York Times bestselling author Lynn Vincent reinvestigates the case that changed the way we think about life, death, and what it means to be human.




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