The Prayer of Commitment

Once a person is ready to become a Missionary of the Gospel of Life, the commitment can be made publicly, and is done through the following prayer:

"God our Father, Creator of all Life, Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life, and Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life, I come into your presence today and in the presence of my fellow believers, and I commit myself to live out the pro-life spirituality of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life. I commit myself to defend the children in the womb, my brothers and sisters whose right to life is under direct attack, and to be for the unborn the voice they do not have. In defending them, I seek always to grow closer to You, O God, in all things, and to collaborate with other Missionaries of the Gospel of Life and with the wider pro-life movement, as my duties allow. I am confident that the Victory of Life has already been won through the Cross and Resurrection of Christ, and that as the Church proclaims, celebrates, and serves the Gospel of Life, Christ will transform the Culture of Death into the Culture of Life, for he lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen."