Letter To Planned Parenthood

July 20, 2015

Dear Cecile,

We have had enough.

The latest revelations of Planned Parenthood's transactions of the livers, hearts, lungs, and other body parts of children is part of a long list of activities in which Planned Parenthood is engaged, and of which we, as concerned Americans, have had enough.

This is not the first time the sale of baby body parts has come to light. Pro-life organizations uncovered this more than fifteen years ago. And the abortion industry has obviously done nothing to stop it.

We have had enough of Planned Parenthood's 330,000 abortions per year and its receiving almost half of its affiliate revenue from government subsidies.

To kill a child, and then to slice up that child for her body parts, should not be described as "planned parenthood." Rather, such activity is a denial, a betrayal, and the exact opposite of parenthood. In fact, it is barbarism.

We have had enough of it, and we have had enough of being forced to pay for it.

Planned Parenthood has also been caught numerous times, as was uncovered by pro-life groups back in 2002, in coaching minors on how to lie about the age of their adult sexual partners so that Planned Parenthood could evade its legal and ethical responsibility to report suspected cases of statutory rape and child sexual abuse to the authorities.

And right up to recent days, you and your employees continue to insist that Planned Parenthood operates according to both legal and ethical standards.

We have had enough of the lies, the spin, and the bloodshed.

We have had enough of Planned Parenthood throwing its political weight and media influence around in an arrogant attempt to be above the law.

We will continue to demand that our elected officials both on the state and federal level take every measure to investigate and put a stop to the illegal and immoral activity in which Planned Parenthood is engaged.

And we insist that you to cooperate fully with any investigations that take place, and stop trying to disguise the activities of your organization with the trappings of virtue.

Evil is not to be marketed; it is to be rejected.



Demand that our elected officials take every measure to investigate and put a stop to the illegal and immoral activities of Planned Parenthood.
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