Justice Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court Archive


An archive of our posts during the confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Speech given by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just prior to the cloture vote on Friday, October 5th:


More Information:

Written testimony of Judge Kavanaugh submitted for the September 27 hearing

Senator Cruz and Judge Kavanaugh discuss Priests for Life V. HHS case on day 3 of the confirmation process

Opinion in the Priests for Life case issued from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, including Judge Kavanaugh’s opinion

Fr. Pavone: Criticism of Kavanaugh’s use of term “abortion-inducing drugs” misses the point

Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, a dissenter in Roe v. Wade, is one of Judge Kavanaugh's Judicial heroes. Read this speech Judge Kavanaugh gave about Justice Rehnquist in 2017

Read President Trump’s Press Release upon naming Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee

See a sampling of Judge Kavanaugh’s Record on Life, Religious Liberty, and Conscience

Watch here the President’s announcement of Judge Kavanaugh as his nominee, and the speech which the Judge gave.   

Commentary by Fr. Frank Pavone and the Priests for Life Pastoral Team:

Democrats do not deserve a shred of political power (September 28, 2018)

Fr. Frank in Newsmax: Democrats Dishonest About Kavanaugh and Abortion-Inducing Drugs (September 17, 2018)

What Kavanaugh means by ‘precedent upon precedent,’ and why pro-lifers shouldn’t be worried (Fr. Frank Pavone, LifeSiteNews.com, September 11, 2018)

Why Priests for Life support Judge Kavanaugh's nomination (Fr. Frank Pavone, The Hill, September 10, 2018)

Brett Kavanaugh was right to call contraception an 'abortion-inducing drug' (Janet Morana, Washington Examiner, September 10, 2018)

Democrats Deploy Usual Roe vs. Wade Scare Tactics Against Kavanaugh (Fr. Frank Pavone, Newsmax, July 12, 2018)

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is good news for the Church in the U.S. (Fr. Frank Pavone, Catholic Online, July 11, 2018)

Pro-lifers know Brett Kavanaugh stands with them, because he's done it before (Fr. Frank Pavone, The Washington Examiner, July 10, 2018)

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