Prayer for Victory in Ohio in November

Priests for Life is leading a novena of prayer from August 9th through November 7 as voters in Ohio strive to protect its Constitution from the efforts of pro-abortion fanatics to impose unlimited abortion. We invite you to say this prayer each day.


Prayer for Victory in Ohio in November

Lord of Life and Father of all,
We thank you for the great victories
That you have brought us
As we work to protect the unborn
And their moms, dads and families
From the violence of abortion.

Lord, as your people now have more opportunity
To shape abortion policy in each state,
We see many states restoring protection
To our unborn brothers and sisters.

We also see abortion forces
Attempting to expand abortion
And even declare it a right
Under their state’s constitution.

Lord, we pray today for victory in Ohio
As we work to protect its Constitution
From those who want to impose a policy
Of unlimited abortion.

We pray for victory in this November’s election,
That Ohio voters will reject
The effort of the Left
To destroy more children and their families,
To suppress parental rights,
And to take away from the people and their lawmakers
The right to protect the unborn from the violence of abortion.

We pray, Lord, that pro-life people
From across the nation
Will join hands with the citizens of Ohio
To stop this expansion of abortion,
Which, if it happens, would surely spread to other states.

Lord, bring victory to the “No” vote in November.
May your people speak up for what is right,
Take action for what is just
And make the sacrifices necessary
To preserve the sanctity of life and family.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.


  • Written by Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone
    National Director, Priests for Life


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