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Sites are listed alphabetically by organization  name. The links below go to sites that have a special emphasis on right to life issues.

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Last Harvest Ministries, Inc.
We provide help to those who have had abortions and are in crisis pregnancies.

L.E.A.R.N. Inc.
This is the largest, African-American, evangelical pro-life ministry in the United States.

L.E.A.R.N. Northeast Chapter
This project covers the development, production and distribution of the "Sanctity of Life" curriculums to African American churches.

Letters for Life
Are you willing to give 15 minutes to influence and educate on behalf of the unborn babies?

Letters from Baby Doe
This is a fictional story that remembers the generations of unborn children whose lives have been unnaturally cut short through abortion.

Libertarians for Life
This organization presents purely scientific and philosophical arguments against abortion, from a libertarian perspective.

Life Athletes
Promoting pro-life and pro-family values through the good example of pro-life athletes…

Life Call
Devoted to Educating Youth on Abortion and Prolife Issues

Life Care Center for Women, KS
We combine practical assistance with compassionate lay counseling for women and teens in crisis situations.

Life Choices, New Jersey
Pregnant? Remember there is a great network of resources available to you!

Life Dynamics, Inc.
This organization launches numerous innovative projects, such as Lifetalk (a monthly video program available by subscription), surveillance of the abortion industry, abortion malpractice litigation, and much more.

Life Issues Institute
Counters the "who decides" and "pro-choice" mentality in American society…

Life Legal Defense Foundation
Giving innocent and helpless human beings of any age, particularly unborn children, a trained and committed defense against the threat of death, and supporting their advocates in the nation's courtrooms, LLDF will accomplish its mission and purpose through the law and education.

LifeNet New Jersey
We work in New Jersey to protect unborn children at the community level. We accomplish this through mutually reinforcing educational projects across the spectrum of the pro-life effort.

Life Priority Network
Our purpose is to inform concerned citizens about crucial life issues such as abortion, to make known the position of legislators and candidates on these issues and to bring the legislative process to the laity.

LifeRight of Watertown
We serve the greater Watertown, NY area and the Seaway Valley. It is our purpose to provide education to all about the sanctity of human life. While we are not a service organization we are able to offer referrals to the proper organization or agency as needed.

Life Runners
We are LIFE Group Devotions members who pray, raise funds, and run…for ProLife! LIFE Runners Creed.

LifeSavers Ministries
Our primary purpose is to serve the front-line volunteers, providing resources and support for individuals who are following God's call to serve as missionaries to pregnant women and their children.

Lifespan (Detriot, MI)
Right to Life-Lifespan believes that human life has value in all stages of development from conception until natural death, and is committed to speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves -- the unborn, the aged, the incapacitated.

Lifetime Adoption
We are an adoption support and referral group located in California. Our mission is to help families and birth mothers come together.

Life Training Institute
We teach you how to persuasively communicate the pro-life message in the secular marketplace.

Life Tree
We are an educational effort to raise awareness throughout North Carolina about the need to protect life, from its earliest beginnings to natural death.

Life: What a Beautiful Choice
On the 29th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Aubrey Ana showed the world that YES! Life is a beautiful choice.

Life's Silver Linings, Inc.
Our mission is to promote the positive values of life from the womb to the tomb. We provide information and educational programs that promote the positive values of life.

Link National Adoption Registry
We exist to provide a truly viable alternative -- to place children received by referral only with adoptive families of Christian character from the membership of the Link Registry.

Living Alternatives
We are based in Tyler, Texas and offer our friendship, constructive answers and support to those facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Living with Trisomy
Mission Statement: Offering Support Resources and bringing together families who have a child with an extra Chromosome 13.

Liz Toolan Home Page
Joan Andrews Bell information, rosary novena, and other pro-life items of interest

Long Island Coalition for Life
We are dedicated to advancing respect for human life from conception until natural death utilizing education and peaceful activism.

Los Angeles Pregnancy Services
We reach out to pregnant women is need and offer informative counseling, baby products and information about available community resources.

Louisiana Right to Life Federation
This is the state of Louisiana's largest and most influential pro-life organization.

Lumina: Post-Abortion Referral Network
If you are living in the New York area we can refer you to a healing service, a counselor or support group near you.

Lutherans for Life of the Mid-Atlantic States
This chapter of Lutherans for Life, compelled by God's Word, speaks on behalf of innocent human life.

Madonna House of Tulsa
We are a ministry of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Tulsa and are a residential program which serves women over the age of 18 in crisis pregnancy, without regard to race, religion or national origin, since 1986.

Maine Right to Life
We believe in the sanctity and worth of all human life and convince others in the truth of this belief.

Main Line Life Line                                                                                          
We are a coalition of Christian churches and members of other faith communities located along Route 30 from BalaCynwyd to Malvern, PA, promoting the sanctity of human life and opposing the culture of death.
Manasota SOLVE, Inc.
We are a maternity home in Bradenton, FL that serves both minors and adult women throughout their pregnancy.
March for Life Legal and Defense Fund                                                  
Website of the Annual March for Life (Miss Nellie Gray)
Marquette University Students for Life                                     
We are an organization of undergraduate and graduate students dedicated to promoting a culture of life on the Marquette campus and in the Milwaukee community.
Martin County Right to Life                                                                            
We are located in Southern Indiana and we love them both - the mother and the baby!
Maryland Right to Life                                                                                   
The mission of Maryland Right to Life is to present detailed, factual information that will enable the general public to make informed decisions about abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and other life issues.
Mary's Choice                                                                                               
We are a home and Helping Hand Program for young women located outside Bailey, Colorado. We provide young women the opportunity to reflect and learn in a loving, structured home for the duration of their pregnancies with ongoing support

Mary’s Rose is a children's book about three women who each receive a seed from God. What they do with the seed parallels choosing life, using contraception, and having an abortion. Children will learn to respect life and to do God's will. Adults will pick up on the deeper message that abortion and contraception are morally wrong.

The Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home                                                              
This is a Christian home that gives unwed mothers an alternative to abortion.

MaryJudesList - We are a business directory whose main goal is to introduce value-based businesses IN YOUR TOWN who are unafraid to support every human beings unalienable and God given right to LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to like-minded consumers in order to foster a unique economic faith-based community of commerce.

Mary Weslin Homes for Pregnant Unwed Mothers
These homes provide a safe haven for women in crisis pregnancies.
The Mass(from St. Ann's Shrine, Scranton, PA)
Features liturgical calendar, readings, homilies and prayer petitions from masses celebrated by Fr. Peter Grace, C.P.(and other priests, including staff of Priests for Life) at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Saint Ann. Mass is televised on the Odyssey Network. Site has prayer enrollment cards and wonderful gift items relating to the Mass.
Medical Students Supporting Life
Provides a forum for collegiate discussion of abortion issues.
Meehan Reports                                                                                               
This site has reporting, commentary, and book reviews on crucial topics and suggests practical ways to protect and defend human life.

Melissa Ohden
I am a survivor of an attempted saline infusion abortion.

Men for Life
We are an organization of men that support the right-to-life of babies and give a voice to fathers in the abortion battle.
Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
MCCL is an organization comprised of thousands of citizens from every faith and discipline, bound by the common belief that each individual is "endowed by their creator" with the right to "Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness".
Missionaries to the Preborn                                                                       
Christian ministry that affirms the humanity of the pre-born
Missionaries to the Unborn
We believe that we, the Church, need to repent and put feet to our belief that abortion is murder.
Missionary Catholics United for Life
This is a Catholic, pro-life advocacy organization located in Pennsylvania. "Operation Holy Presence" is a new approach to end abortion.
Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Mission to reverence life, end abortion, bring conversion & heal victims of post-abortion syndrome.
MIT Pro-Life
MIT Pro-Life is a student organization devoted to fostering respect for human life from the moment of conception, and to promoting educational support for the pro-life position.
Mother of Life Center We are based in Providence, RI and we are committed to promoting life by providing free assistance to pregnant teens and women.
National Association of Pro-life Nurses                                                   
Offering encouragement, legal and moral guidance, and scholarships…
National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life                                                 
We are a ministry committed to witness the gift of life in the Black community.
National Black Pro-Life Union
Information about abortion, Pro-Life, and Abstinence can be found on this website.
National Catholic Bioethics Center
This center provides a Catholic perspective on moral issues in the health and life sciences.
National Catholic Office for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD)
Vigilant in promoting the inclusion of Catholics with disabilities in their parish communities and the total fabric of society.
National Coalition for Life and Peace
Promoting life through a positive, right-to-life ethic and nonviolence.
National Committee for a Human Life Amendment (NCHLA)
Working closely with the US Catholic Bishops, NCHLA assists state Catholic conferences, dioceses and Catholic lay groups.
National Institute of Family and Life Advocates                                         
This organization exists to provide life-affirming pregnancy help centers and the best legal education, consultation, and training possible.
National Lawyers Association
This association is shaped by the conviction that the Constitution is to be interpreted in the light of the principles and transcendent truths set forth in the Declaration of Independence, including the Sanctity of Life.
National Life Chain
This site will give you the information needed to hold a life chain in your area.
National Life Teen
National Catholic ministry for teens

National Night of Prayer for Life - We are a prayer campaign that is celebrated across the nation coinciding with the Feasts of the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8) and St. Juan Diego (Dec. 9).

National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing
Founded in 1990, the National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing, Inc. provides education and counseling regarding post-abortion issues.

National Pro-Life Center on Capitol Hill
The National Pro-Life Center is a resource and outreach center located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC just steps from the US Supreme Court’s private entrance. The strategic location makes the National Pro-Life Center the only pro-life initiative on Capitol Hill. NPLC is an outreach associated with Catholics United for Life, Priests for Life and Faith and Action, an ecumenical and evangelical mission. As such, NPLC is an ecumenical effort proclaiming the Gospel of Life to the nation’s public policy makers.

National Pro-Life Registry
We are your portal to the vast pro-life resources on the internet. Links are provided to national, state, and local sites dedicated to promoting the right to life of all people from the moment of conception through natural death.
National Pro-Life Religious Council
An ecumenical umbrella council of pro-life religious groups of many denominations
National Right to Life
National Teens for Life
This group shouts our generation's response to the abortion holocaust.
National Womens' Coalition for Life                                                         
NWCL is an umbrella organization for national women's groups that oppose abortion, with a total membership of over 1,800,000
Nebraska Right to Life
An affiliate of National Right to Life, this group will make cutting-edge efforts to stop aborted fetal tissue research.
Nebraskans United for Life
Our purpose is to secure once again the legal and social recognition of the right to life of each individual.
Nevada LIFE
To engage the hearts and laws of Nevadans to save unborn children and the vulnerable."
New Hampshire Citizens for Life
We work to educate the citizens of New Hampshire on the facts of human life's development and the reality of abortion.
New Hampshire Right to Life
NHRTL was founded to foster respect for human life from the moment of conception to natural death and to promote the right to life as the paramount social issue through educational, legislative, political, and other forms of lawful activity.
New Jersey Right to Life
The State’s Largest and Oldest Pro-Life Organization
New York State Right to Life Committee
This site will provide you with New York state pro-life news and alerts.
North Carolina Right to Life                                                                        
Through public policy and legislation on both the federal and state levels, this group works to protect all innocent human life threatened by abortion, infanticide and euthanasia.
North Dakota Life League                                                                          
Working to restore and protect the personhood and inalienable right to life of all citizens of our state…without exception and without compromise.
North Dakota Right to Life
Our vision is that all vulnerable persons in our society will be protected throughout the span of their lives from conception to natural death.
Northwest Family Services
Provides classes in Natural Family Planning and LifeSaver retreats for Catholic 8th graders, directed to respect for life and chastity
Not Dead Yet
Americans with Disabilities against mercy-killing

Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture
Our purpose is to educate Notre Dame students in the rich intellectual tradition supporting the dignity of human life, specifically in its beginning stages, and to prepare those students, through personal witness, public service, and prayer, to transform the culture into one in which every human life is respected.

The Nurturing Network
32,000 volunteer member resources nationwide provide individually tailored practical support to college and working women with unplanned pregnancies including counseling, medical, residential, educational, employment and financial resources.
Ohio Right to Life                                                                                         
Variety of pro-life resources…
Olen Interactive Pregnancy Calendar
Builds a day-by-day customized calendar detailing the development of a baby from before conception to birth
Operation Outcry
Operation Outcry seeks to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade by mobilizing those who have been silent about the harmful effects of abortion.
Operation Save America                                                                      
Operation Save America unashamedly takes up the cause of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only biblical principles.
Opportunities for Life                                                                                                  
We offer a 24-hour toll-free hotline for the state of Kentucky, providing personal, confidential, compassionate and practical information to those experiencing untimely pregnancies.
Oregon Right to Life                                                                                    
Oregon Right to Life is Oregon's oldest, largest, and most comprehensive pro-life organization.
People for Life                                                                                                              
An all volunteer affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, Inc. and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation                                                            
Defending the right to life in Pennsylvania…
Pennsylvanians for Human Life                                                                    
Our primary purpose us to present fully detailed and factual information upon which individuals and the general public may make informed decisions about various topics such as abortion.
Petition for a Right to Live Amendment
Sign this online petition to support a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Pharmacists' Conscience Clause                                                                    
This website contains information about the conscience cause for pharmacists, and other related news articles.
Pharmacy Has a Conscience Problem
An article about Kmart firing a Pharmacist for not distributing abortifacient birth control methods.
Philadelphia Natural Family Planning Network
Our Mission is to inform the public that NFP is in accordance with God's order of creation
Pinckney Pro Life
We are a group of young people who use media venues to reach our society with the pro-life message. We especially focus on billboards.

This is the prolife alliance of gays and lesbians.

Plans for You - We provide proven fund-raising techniques for Pro-Life organizations!

Pope Paul VI Institute   
Resources in bioethics and reproductive technologies in accordance with the Church's teachings…

Preemie Prints
Preemie Prints is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to sharing hope with families experiencing the difficulties of life in a neonatal intensive care unit with a premature or sick baby through information, photography, gift bags, support, and prayer.

Pregnancy Care Clinic   
We help pregnant women in Washington State.
Pregnancy Centers Online
Provides information through which people can find life-saving assistance across the country.

PreNatal Partners for Life
We are a group of concerned parents (most of whom have or had a special needs child), medical professionals, legal professionals and clergy whose aim is to support, inform and encourage expectant or new parents.

Presbyterians Pro-Life
Gives prophetic witness to Biblical teaching concerning the sacred value of the family and human life…
Pro-Choice Violence
This web site was designed to document and provide to the public, evidence in the public domain, of violence associated with abortion.
Pro-Health Natural Fertility
We are committed to promoting non-contraceptive obstetric/gynecological medical practices which affirm a woman’s innate dignity and cooperate with the times and seasons of her body.

Pro-Life Check Guy
My late wife and I founded this company with a strong moral base, absent in our competitors today. That same “moral base” still exists within me today, as it did then and I’m back with a vengeance for the good of our unborn children. Please, support my return and network for & with me to instill a continued positive path for the next generation of God’s precious infants to come.

Project 33
On January 22, 2004 thousands of like-minded Christians will come together for a rally and workshops to equip and educate today's youth about the atrocities of abortion.
Project Rachel
We provide resources for healing after an abortion.

Project Ultrasound – We are a non-profit charity raising money for crisis pregnancy centers to purchase ultrasound machines.

Pro-Life Across America
This organization is known as "the Billboard People," sponsors thousands of pro-life educational ads each year, reaching people and saving women and babies from abortion.
Prolife Action League
Saving babies' lives through non-violent direct action
Pro-Life Action Ministries
Stopping Abortion - One Life at a Time
Pro-Life Adoption Policy
The site shows the connection between abortion rates and the release of adoption records.
Pro-Life America
Web site full of educational articles about abortion, healing after an abortion, personal testimonials, chastity, purity in dating, pro-life celebrities and athletes, scriptural teachings on the life issues, and more.
Pro-Life Billboards
We provide billboard production rates that will reflect near wholesale prices.
Pro Life Communications
Pro Life Communications, a long distance company, was formed for the sole purpose of supporting pro-life activities through donations.
Pro-Life Forum
This is a ministry of the Proclamation Presbyterian Church.
Pro-Life Guy's Take
I'm Jewish and pro-life.
Pro-Life Maternal Fetal Medicine
We are maternal-fetal medicine physicians dedicated to respect for, and preservation of, both mother and fetus in each pregnancy.
Pro-Life Mississippi
Pro-Life Music Festival
We want to rock America back to life!

Pro-Life Pharmacy
I encourage others to make right choices when they are faced with challenges in their own careers and personal lives; challenging them to become the person God is calling them to be, no matter the cost.

Pro-Life Printing - We offer cost effective printing for crisis pregnancy centers.

Pro-Life Rosary Apostolate
A Catholic Pro-Life Apostolate based in Portland, Oregon and rooted in the power of prayer to end abortion and doctor-assisted suicide.

Pro-Life Waco
We are dedicated to pro-life activism and education in Waco. Activism focuses on Planned Parenthood of Central Texas which operates an abortuary in Waco.
Pro-Life Washington
Since 1991 Pro-Life Washington's educational mission is to reach out through media ads to people who may not be reached in any other way.
Pro-Life Wisconsin
Your 100% Pro-life Voice
Prolife Pastor Network
Prolife Pastor Network unites thousands of pastors into a grass-roots network that will heavily influence the President into taking more aggressive steps to help end abortion.
Pro-Lifers Against Clinic Violence
This website represents the majority of pro-lifers who do not support violence.

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