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Sites are listed alphabetically by organization  name. The links below go to sites that have a special emphasis on right to life issues.

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Quovadis America
This website examines America’s role and responsibility in the abortion issue.
Rachel's Hope
We offer post abortion healing and reconciliation for Catholic or Catholic-friendly women.
Rachel’s Vineyard
There is hope for those who have had abortions…As well as healing retreats, for which you will find a schedule here.
Raphael’s Refuge
We exist to build a monument for the unborn who have died and to provide a place of spiritual healing for those who have suffered the loss of an unborn child.
Real Alternatives
This organization is committed to assisting women in crisis pregnancies by providing compassionate, practical, life-affirming alternatives to abortion.
Republican National Coalition for Life
Keep up to date on issues within the Republican party related to pro-life concerns
Rescue Live
This site describes a project to rescue aborted children who are born alive.
We help you find an organization in your area that will provide you with the necessary support you need to carry through on your child's birth.
Right to Life Committee of New Mexico
Right to Life League of Southern California
The League is committed to promoting a culture of life that supports and protects the unborn, women who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy, the disabled, and the elderly.
Right to Life of Michigan
Excellent pro-life materials professionally prepared…
Rock for Life
Fighting the deception and manipulation of youth by the music industry, Rock for Life brings together bands who stand for the truth that abortion is killing

Rockford Pro-Life
Our Mission is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford, IL area through prayer, fasting, education and personal sacrifice.

SafeHaven Ministries
Finding healing from the trauma of Post-Abortion Syndrome--an information site, not a professional counseling site. Offers chat rooms for post-abortive individuals to share in a confidential manner
St. Elizabeth's New Life Center
We wish to serve women in Ohio during their pregnancy in anyway that we can. We have numerous free services to help you with various needs during this time.
St. George Pro-Life
You will find a wide variety of pro-life information on this site.
St. Louis NFP Association
We work to meet the needs of support, fellowship and instruction among all members of our community who share our commitment to honor God's wish for married couples.
Save My Children Ministry
We are a Christian Ministry based on the Word of God and are committed to love and assist pregnant young girls, teenagers, and women.

Save the Trees... Kill the Children?
Save trees, but kill children? Our priorities are completely out of order. We're focused on saving plants and animals, while children's lives are being taken.

Scripture Wall
Learn about praying on the streets of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys in northeast New York.
The Second Look Project
This project offers information on abortion to help people make informed decisions based on fact rather than emotion.
Several Sources Foundation
This organization runs shelters for mothers and their babies.

Sexual Sabotage
Dr. Reisman successfully spent much of her career laying the foundations for deconstructing both 'soft pornography' and 'Kinsey myths'.

Shrine of the Holy Innocents
Names of aborted children may be enrolled at this simple, beautiful memorial at the Church of the Holy Innocents in New York City.
Sisters of Life
Cardinal O'Connor's religious community of women dedicated to pro-life
South Carolina Citizens for Life
We are devoted to restoring legal personhood to the unborn and to protecting innocent human life.
Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn
On this web site you will learn how to spiritually adopt an Unborn Child.
St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers
Christian fatherhood: online resources for dads plus network
Stand True
A new, dynamic, national pro-life youth organization, directed by Bryan Kemper.
Stanford Students for Life
We come from all denominations, political allegiances, races, sexual orientations, and sexes. We welcome all those who wish to preserve life.

Stop Abortion in Rocky River
Our mission is to legally and peacefully end abortion in Rocky River.

STOPP International
We intend to cause such discontent with Planned Parenthood programs that it will have no choice but to close its doors and get out of town!
Students for Life
Students for Life provides encouragement and advice for those students who want ideas on how to make a Pro-Life difference in their schools and communities.

Students for Life of Michigan
We are an organization of pro-life college students formed to promote a culture of life on college campuses in Michigan.

If you were born after 1972, we challenge you to consider yourself a survivor of the abortion holocaust.
Susan B. Anthony List
“Training pro-life women in the political arena"
Teachers Saving Children
We believe that the intentional abuse or destruction of children at any stage of development contradicts the high ideals of our profession.
This organization was started in 1981 for the specific purpose of reducing out-of-wedlock teen pregnancies and their many consequences.
Tennessee Right to Life
This site helps you get connected with all aspects of the pro-life movement of Tennessee.
Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation
Fighting for Terri's life, and how you can help…
Texans for Life Coalition
Texas Right to Life
The Texas Right to Life Committee, Inc. is the oldest, largest, and only statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas solely dedicated to Pro-Life issues.
The Third Chair™
Our mission is to promote life through education, pro-life awareness, and advocacy in order to inspire the heart and conscience to the mission of the value of life.
The Timothy Plan
America's first pro-life, pro-family, biblically-based mutual fund
Tiller's Patient Speaks
I want to share my abortion experience at George Tiller’s clinic in Kansas. Please read what I have to say before you decide to have an abortion.

 Too Many Aborted - We are an organization that educates African-Americans about abortion’s impact on the Black community via accurate and documented statistics, historical perspectives, provocative videos, and personal testimonies.

Total LifeCare Centers, Inc. (TLC)
We are a network of 24 pregnancy-help centers in Minnesota and Wisconsin, with headquarters in St. Paul/Minneapolis.
The Truth on Abortion
This is a call to America to repent!

Trisomy Advocacy Group
We are an advocacy group for families who have children with trisomy 13

Tucson March for Life
Our site will update you about various pro-life activities in Arizona.
Tulare-Kings, CA Right To Life
Our objectives are to disseminate pro-life information, provide information concerning support systems and services available, provide speakers and participate in pro-life activities.
Taskforce of United Methodists on Abortion and Sexuality (TUMAS) works to prevent abortion through theological, pastoral and social emphases that support human life

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