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I realize life is so much more than a choice

I had turned 17 and had sex for the first time and got pregnant. My parents brought me up in a very strict Christian home and I didn’t want to disgrace the family by being pregnant out of wedlock. I drove myself there and drove myself home.

Were you given adequate information and counseling prior to the abortion(s)? 

No. At the time, all they did for me was to say, "Do you want to keep this baby? You said it would shame your family – do you want that for them?" They never gave me another option other than abortion. They basically made me rationalize murdering my baby.

How would you describe your abortion(s)? 

The most horrifying experience of my entire life.

No one knew until one year ("the anniversary") after it happened. But during that year and during the day of the anniversary, I was slowly breaking. (my heart, my spirit, my hope and my life were all shattered.)

I see psychiatrists, I’ve been institutionalized four times and now I’m on Lithium and I see a psychologist instead. Yes, I feel the pain when I see a pregnant woman or a child and her mother, but it is ok.

I used to take life for granted and now, I realize life is so much more than a choice.

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