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I found out that I had cervical cancer

I had left my husband and took my two daughters 3 and 5 because I thought I could find someone else that would truly make me fulfilled. It wasn't hard for me to find men, they only wanted sex, not commitment, and of course I got pregnant, I told the father and he denied that it was his. Abortion had just become legal so my sister suggested it with her doctor and she paid for it too!

I was not given any information about abortion. I was one of many girls there that day and the nurse gave me a shot to dilate my cervix and told me to come back in 2 to 3 hours.

The procedure was very cold and routine. I felt like a number being pushed through. Afterwards, I just got up and drove myself home.

The effects of the abortion didn't hit me until three years after the abortion. I had realized what I had done. My husband and I had got back together and we wanted more kids but I found out that I had cervical cancer. I had to have a full hysterectomy. My girls were angry when I told them I had an abortion and my husband felt responsible and my mother was devastated that I would do such a thing!

I have Jesus Christ Lord over my life he has forgiven me and taught me to forgive myself. I have been set free from the guilt and shame and Jesus showed me how to properly grieve the murder of my son.

The abortion made me realize that when a society does not have moral absolutes, people become confused to what is right and wrong. My life was changed drastically by cutting off the Life flow and no more children for me, ever!

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