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Freedom to lose

In loving memory of my precious daughter, Trinity; a victim of abortion. 

Though Roe vs. Wade handed down a decision 21 yrs. ago proclaiming a woman has a "choice", many women like me now realize what "choice" really is. When I chose to end my pregnancy, I "chose" to hurt…to cry agonizing tears of grief, to silently suffer an endless all-consuming pain as I realized "ending my pregnancy" really meant killing my child!

America, the land I have loved and trusted…because you made abortion legal, I didn't question them when I was told that my Trinity was just "tissue". But, my daughter was not "tissue", America; she was flesh and bone, heart and soul. She had laughter and dreams, hugs and joy to share. I lost my daughter...I lost my trust, but through the love, grace and forgiveness of my Lord Jesus Christ, everything lost has been restored. I may never know the joy and delight of holding and sharing memories with my precious daughter as I walk America's golden shores but one day by God's abounding grace, I will explode with unbridled joy, as I walk His streets of gold and enter " a mansion with many rooms". I will be arm and arm with my own angel… daughter. No one can rob me of that joy. Not any lie, America, abortion…Roe vs. Wade decision…anything! Thank you, God.


So long ago in a manger of hay
Our precious Savior as a wee baby lay.
His mother, Mary though young… she still kept
Her faith in God, and she smiled as he slept.
Yes, what the angel had spoken, it all had come true
And because of her faith there's salvation for you.

Not long ago on a cold winter day
My precious daughter-a sacrifice made.
The lies and deceit had blinded eyes;
Heartache and grief now fill silent cries.
Though others may shout, "There's a choice for you".
Don't believe what you hear…it just isn't true!

Abortion is taking your child's precious life,
(A fully formed child gets cut by that knife).
He isn't just "tissue" or a "small glob of blood";
She isn't "the product" of night's passionate love.
This child is your child…living and true.
(And the memory will haunt you in all that you do)

Many years pass yet, I feel pain in a way
That hasn't receded, it's still here today.
Though Jesus healed me and helped me to know
His great love for me -- and led me to grow.
Though His love covers all, and He's helped me to see
Still the memory is there…and it always will be.

Let me never forget, Lord, what happened that day;
Let it fuel within me and lead me to say
To the silence around me, as this horror goes on…
Let me be a voice for the helpless pre-born.
God, use me to help those who don't realize,
That the "fetus" within them has fingers and eyes.

The child in that womb cannot be replaced
She has her own thumb print…he has his own face.
So, as tat women decides about what she should do,
Let her learn all the facts before she would choose.
"Later" is too late -- I can offer her proof,
"Freedom of choice" is really freedom to lose…

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