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Women who have had Abortions

One of the greatest consolations for those who have had their children aborted is to be able to help others avoid that tragedy. Testimonies by the thousands continue to be gathered by pro-life organizations and other counseling agencies who, more and more, are dealing with the destructive effects of the violent act of abortion as they impact the mother of the child.

We post here a few of the post-abortion testimonies of mothers who have asked us to use their stories to help others, and a second collection can be found by clicking here.

If you have a testimony, send it to us at 

It's a Painful Thing

I Couldn't Look at any Kids

Nobody said it would hurt so much

I was petrified to tell my parents

Every time the vacuum was used I thought about how my baby died

Profitable for everyone involved but me and my babies

I remember the noise of the suction machine

They didn’t want the others to hear me

They discovered half of the fetus left in me

I’ve never known a feeling so bad

They didn’t give me any other choices

It was then that I realized the horrible mistake I had made

He made me feel so stupid for becoming pregnant

The quick-fix didn’t work for me

I’ve become very aware of the value of life

I wonder what the baby felt while it was being murdered

Please stop the killings

My mom had the abortion in 1953

I still grieve and it’s been over 10 years

I am jealous of pregnant women

All I remember was gripping the nurse’s hand due to the pain involved

No one in our family mentions it

The feeling of the loss of a child will always be there

I felt like my insides were being ripped out backwards

In the basin was a red tiny perfectly formed baby

Abortion is unnatural

I began to resent and almost hate the father

The doctor laughed at me and my "beliefs"

I would shut down or would cry

They make it seem OK to kill a life

My life went downhill and stayed there for years

It was the family secret

I didn't want to abort but everyone was against me

I felt scared, trapped, and determined

I have a long road ahead of me

Now I have a broken heart over my lost children

We had some kind of power to confer humanity

It negatively affected my relationships with children and men

I’m all alone

I wanted to get off the table and run

My body knew it had been robbed

Two Days I Wish I Could Re-live

Made me see that it was murder

I endured nine years of guilt and bitterness

Years later it came back to haunt me

Abortion is not the answer

My Parents insisted

Ugly and disgusting

I'm still working through so much of my anger

I had 20 years of intermittent hell on earth

I praised God for saving me from making a terrible mistake

I thought at the time I was losing my mind

Abortion doesn’t make the baby go away, it just makes a dead baby

I can never have those 2 children I aborted

I am now 66 years old and childless

I have spent 19 years regretting and resenting the decision

I was on an emotional roller coaster

My whole body felt like it was being ripped apart

This is an unchangeable - unforgettable thing to do to a child

I lived a total hell within myself

I felt very weak and powerless

We always wondered if it was a boy or girl

I realize I killed a human being

It's taking a long time to rebuild my self-esteem

I was unwed, scared and had no support

I cried throughout the whole experience

I'm angry about the lies that were told to me

All they were interested in is the money

Abortions cause ghosts to be a constant part of my friend's lives

It was extremely painful I cried out the whole time

I look back and honestly feel my abortions were murders

I feel so strongly that I should have had the baby

There was enormous guilt and shame afterwards

I woke up to the sound of my own screams

I was rushed back to the clinic

I no longer take life for granted

I too became impersonal shallow

It was heart wrenching and humiliating

Very secretive and deceitful

When I asked him to stop he said lay down and shut up

It also has totally scarred me for life

I became suicidal and depressed

I never got over it or ever shall

It made me see I was on the road to death

I would never recommend it

The abortion caused untold grief

I wouldn't have lost myself if I had chosen to keep my child

They had left over half the baby in me


I deeply regret having had it

Now I no longer can get pregnant

I murdered a part of myself

I'll never do it again, for any reason

I drank a lot and tried to bury my sorrows

I realized I had really sunk to the pits

I felt very guilty and still do

It was a rerun of the abortion every day

I feel I'm being punished

I may have killed my only child

My life would have been very different

I was 5 months pregnant

All I could do was lay there and cry

One of the most painful experiences of my life

It was devastating and awful

The doctors were aloof and detached

I thought that I could hear my baby crying

I feel it was something out of a nightmare

I bought the Pro-Choice rhetoric

I failed horribly as a mother to my first child

Letter to New York State Senate

I remember hearing the garbage disposal

I hated the doctor

I have had five abortions

The doctor crudely told me to quiet down

I will always be sorry

I suffered a nervous breakdown

It was horrible to face what I had done - Murder

You have to tell other girls that the pain never goes away

I only knew no one could find out I was pregnant

Something died inside me that day

It was painful and a very strong feeling of loss

I wonder how my baby would of looked

I kept hearing babies crying

If I could only have my child back

I felt I had no other choice

It felt like they vacuumed your guts out

I felt like a piece of meat, a statistic

I felt dirty

It made me not want another one

I had no warning it would hurt so much

He wanted me but not the baby

I pray my children will never do it

I had no support system

The Worst Crime ever committed

Ghost in the House - A Post-abortion testimony and poem

Killing something that never done nothing to anyone

Treating us like cattle

I will never forget the loss I feel

The school counselor told me I would ruin my life

I sat in the rain the rest of the day

Everything reminds me of the abortion

Why couldn't I have been stronger?

I lived in daily fear of a miscarriage

I was very content with the lies

Nothing to stand on - nothing to hold on to

He'd be 20 years old this year

I felt a piece of me gone

On the road to destruction

My "tissue" had arms, legs, and felt pain

It destroyed the relationship with my mother

I saw body parts floating


I was once a good person

Total Loss of Decision-making

I'll always want children

A cold step by step process

I killed two people

Overwhelming loneliness filled the air

From the mom of a post-abortive woman

This mistake was an extremely hard one

The mental anguish stays forever

The marriage was doomed because of the abortion…

I've been set free from the curse

I am determined to be heard!

Praying that God would stop me

I'd rather have 12 kids than kill one

I was against it all the way

The counselors did not "counsel"

I am a mother

I told them I changed my mind

I would give anything to go back

Morality has about left our planet

My baby spoke to me

Just a continuation of the sin that I was living in

I was still pregnant!

Either way I would lose

There was a feeling of absurdity

Women have been "had"

Blood being wiped from the walls when everything was done

A Post-Abortive Woman Writes to Seminarians and Priests

I wanted to change my mind

I hated the procedure

I only went to get my mother off my back

I am in the psychiatric ward now

I've had to learn to live childless

They didn't even know if I was pregnant

The attendant called it the "Dis-assembly" line

I wish it would have been harder to get...

I saw my baby in pieces...

I had the abortion for convenience...

Abortion and Suicide

My Abortion

I think all the time about what happened

He told me he would leave me

I was pro-choice until the abortion

No magic word to say or hear

It was very cold

That's unnecessary change!

I buried my loss

They were wrong

Afterwards was worse than the pain

I was treated like a cow.

Not for a million dollars

It was the most disturbing experience of my life…

I had a sense of doom

I tried to forget but couldn't

A Few Cells...

My Husband Insisted

I Aborted for my Husband

I Still Wonder

My Mother Coerced Me

Abortion's Nasty Sting

I am no good

The Scream Stuck in My Throat

I Felt like God would Never Want Me

I Just Buried those Feelings

I Had Four Abortions

I Dream about Babies a lot

A Lot of Scared Faces

My Family Feels Sad

Lies Consumed Me

But Still There is Pain

The Doctor Said, "There he goes..."

No one was willing to help me...

There is So Much Remorse

The Doctor Was More than Rude

"No More Bambino"

Afraid I Would Be Abandoned

I'll Never Get Over This

Lord, Please Hug My Child for Me

Against My Conscience

I Would Give Anything

Not One Good Reason

There is No Second Chance

I Wanted the Baby

I Look at 13-year Olds and Wonder

I Wonder What the Baby Felt

It Made Me Want to Cry or Do Something Worse

I Wish I Had Not Done It

She Was Probably the Daughter I Always Wanted

I Changed My Mind While On the Table

Very Sad and Sorry

I Somehow Got Talked Into It

It's Been a Rough Road

I Felt Really Alone

I Was Mad

Hospitalized for major depression

It Was Horrible

What I Didn't Know- A Post-Abortion Testimony

My Abortion and My Healing

The pain of a forced abortion

My Abortion- Beyond Heinous

Post Abortion Testimony- Reunited, Some Day...

My Abortion- A Paradox of Emotions

Lied to and Misled

A Grandmother's Post-Abortion Testimony

I Really Didn't Want to Be There

Everyone Hated My Child

My Youngest Misses His Older Siblings

Abortion Made Me Hard-Hearted

I was lied to and I lied to myself

I Couldn't Shame My Family

It Never Stops Hurting

My Arms are Empty-Feeling

I Am Still Tearful

That Should Have Been the End of the Story

I Was Afraid I Would be Stuck

I cried to God to forgive me

"Just a Bunch of Cells"?

I Knew in my heart this was wrong

Everyone Said to Abort

Post Abortion Grief and Healing

Abortion more Traumatic than Cancer

A Back Alley Abortion and Mine

They Made it Sound So Simple

Post Abortion Trauma and Healing

My Abortion Story

A Matter of Time

No Joy at LoveJoy

Abortion is Not Therapeutic

You Never Fully Recover

No Babies in the Bars

A Mistake I am Still Paying For

I Was Hoping the Sermon Would Help Me

I No Longer Believed in Love

Rachel, Cease your Mourning

Rejecting a Mid-life Miracle

I Found Comfort within the Catholic Church 

"God is Proud of You!": A Story of Rape, Abortion, and Salvation

What Every Young Woman Should Know about Abortion: A Testimony

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